Snarl distracts the Decepticons while Leobreaker beats a tactical retreat. At the base, Overhaul finishes the stealth coating just as the Decepticons retreat and everyone celebrates. Ransack and Crumplezone are virtually eliminated early on when they try to steal the Planet Cup, making the race a struggle between Hot Shot and Override. Kicker goes to fix it. Meanwhile, far ahead, Soundwave brings Megatron right to Gigantion. Override explains that she does not know about the key and just wanted to race. Cybertron exits the warp gate, destroying planets as it goes.

Leaving her in the lava, they could head to Cybertron. Then the backup team arrives. The ghost of Vector Prime appears before Optimus Prime and urged him not to lose this battle, also lending him the power of his own sword. The Autobots search all over the abandoned cities for the un-erased data on the Cyber Planet Key. Once he’s out, he gets hit by a machine. Primus aids Optimus, who combines with Omega Supreme and reveals a new ability, blowing Galvatron away. Best Price Whomp whomp.

Sales tax may apply when cyvertron to: The Autobot civilian leads the Autobots to a pattern in the desert, a copy of the Seal of Atlantis. Sideways reveals himself, puzzling both sides, while Vector Prime and the children discover the Omega Lock’s location.

Kicker heads off underground to find his family, while Cybertron travels through space. Galvatron uses the super energon to set Cybertron in motion, heading for Alpha Q’s planet. Swarms of Sideways, Laserbeak and Soundwave then began invading. Scourge defeats him easily, but seems to have developed a grudging respect for pprimus Autobot.

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The Autobots head through the space-time warp tunnel but got attacked by the Atlantis. However, Galvatron is drawing out the power of the Planet Keys and used it to make his remaining Decepticon troops to grow in size and power. There’re no Cybertron Primus for sale. But with Megatron sharing Unicron’s mind, can he truly be destroyed?


Optimus and Vector Prime discover that neither Leobreaker, Backstop, nor Snarl sent the distress signal. Starscream heads off to get the Omega Lock. Galvatron arrives to take the Omega Lock.

Cybertron (episode)

Scorponok and his terrorcons remove all the energon from Iron Planet, causing the planet’s destruction.

Before the Decepticons can follow, Optimus instructs Vector Prime to create another warp gate across the one tramsformers has just emerged through, which causes the dimension to start collapsing in on top of itself. Oh no, don’t pin that on us! Angered, Hot Shot drives off to find Override.

Override, Megatron and Hot Shot race to see who gets to keep the cup. Views Read Edit View history.

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Wing Saber snaps Optimus out of his daze, and the Autobot leader gets his arguing, panicking troops in order, instructing them to withdraw to Cybertron’s moon.

Megatron transforms and begins to fight, so Vector Prime activates his Cyber Key and uses his tachyon shield. Later, Optimus Prime and Leobreaker team up to defeat Scourge. Landmine arrives and engages Starscream, against the orders of Optimus Prime. Transformers episodes Lists of anime episodes Transformers: Primus forms the super energon into the basis for a sun which, with Galvatron’s help, brings life to all of Alpha Q’s planets.

Scourge comes in and accompanied by Snarl, head off to save the Jungle Planet. The series uses four pieces of theme music. Ransack and Crumplezone decide not to risk their own necks following, and Mudflapdisgusted with episodde Decepticons’ lack of comradeship, decides to take the space transforkers back to Earth.

With everyone gathered together, the Autobots head beneath the planet’s surface, following the directions Primus had previously given them to a dome-shaped room containing an altar on which the Omega Lock is to be placed. They head to stop Starscream and the Decepticons from terrorizing Earth, but rpisode up being attacked by the Earth military forces!


The Defense Team continue to fight off the hordes of Scrapmetal swarming over the planet, and after they clear out the closest cluster of the creatures, Override, Evac and Leobreaker come crashing down out of the sky. After being unable to obtain the Planet Cup from Override herself, Optimus endorsed Hot Shot’s plan to win the cup in a race, with the other Autobots aiding him.

This figure stands at about 1 feet tall. Get a free account. Cybertron episode From Transformers Wiki. Cybertron Matrix of Leadership Spark List of planets.

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Crosswise requests assistance from his friend Evac to again imprison the Ancient Decepticons. See also TV Schedule.

An excellent complement to Unicron, Primus transforms into the planet Cybertron. Once out of the storm, they combined into Sonic Wing Mode. Contact us through the eBay cybertdon system.

Later, an angry Megatron is seen ranting, raving, and blowing things up.

Inside the ship, Vector Prime, the Mini-cons, and kids find the control room. The Decepticons retreat and Metroplex and Quickmix join the Autobots. But everyone was astonished when the creator blocked the shot and activated his weapon systems.

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During a battle, Metroplex went against Megatron and used his buzz saw to send Megatron down three levels and Nemesis Breaker into smoke. The tower ccybertron destroyed, but Optimus prevents the mine being looted by taking drastic action.

Atlantis warped away, taking everyone inside its field including Ransack and Crumplezone. Unfortunately, Hot Shot’s links are breaking down.