Wonderful wonderful job, tho. TL, make it Mondays n Wednesdays na. And give me just one house in this Ibadan? The weight of the small item made him sweat even in the AC of the corridor. Email required Address never made public. That was a very wrong move. Una don call Ope names tire, I am happy 4 O.

What are we even protecting in this marriage sef? Agatha had been watching Awazi as the exchange ensued. I love the progression of this story,the fact that Derin and Awazi are finally on different pages at the end of this episode. Dis is d begin of d end4 Awazi since all her sensibility n credibility as bein shatter in d heat of anger4 her2 really stoop so low2 pay Derin bac in is own coins. The two human defendants are dead, and the hospital is yours. Everything about family, God, lifestyle, news and entertainment, Parenting, single parents, singles and married. They must have thought it was someone they had not wanted to come. Mr TL…………naaaaaa this episode 16 was completely off point, thought it was ending today.

We are trying to work out a solution that everyone would find agreeable here, the path of least destruction, if you may.

This way you intend to end Broken Mirrors isnt it ooo remember God knows your home address and I know your office adress ooo 54 of the above mentioned. I knew dis ll effing happen!! Thanks for reading Broken Mirrors all the way. I love your response to that comment.

Peolple should be made to pay for their negligence and the hospiatl coming up with the greek offer is questionable. Over 6,votes already, wow! Derin sat in the conference room of Omega Hospital. Her hands reached for his shorts and yanked them down, freeing his erection totally. This blog is set up to fill all the horrors that come with the use of Satellite Decoders and accounts. Well done Tunde, very good read.

Broken Mirrors, A Story By Tunde Leye (Episode 17 – The Finale)

Something was not right. His free arm swung around her to balance her in an involuntary movement and she allowed herself linger in his arms for a while longer than necessary. But I tell u it ended well.


He tried to call Awazi, but she seemed to have changed her numbers. And now, you are about to make an impulsive decision again. She had slept in fits, and watching Derin sleep so deeply annoyed her for quite no reason, even though her brain told her he should be tired after all of that driving. Derin… i think you are making Awazi your scape goat and i think you are also trying to preach to ladies cos you have most of us as your readers… i didnt enjoy the twist due to speed dial and all… What has Agatha got to do with doctors will???

When she woke up the next morning, as usual, Derin was gone. The green lines on its screen that had been an irregular up and down pattern had become a flat line. Derin would have gone red if he was white. U want Tunde to twist our mind again?

Derin dialed Awazi a couple of times but the phone rang out. Omo jati jati mmmttcchheeewwwwwwwww! Shei u know this end no pay!!!!

Making rash decisions in a fit of rage. He weaved through the bodies and made his way to her side with some effort.

Ur a true genious.

Broken Mirrors……….Episode 4

He guessed that would have clothes and her laptop in it. Over calculation dey worry u. Just one offense got Awazi booted out! E no reach wetin? Did dey do any DNA test to confirm d paternity? Once again thanks for making tlsplace the number one fiction blog episodee the country. My chambers will formally inform him of this development, but you can do so informally.

You epieode taken his job already, but please, let it not be more than his job. The will brokeb dated last week Thursday, the day before that ill-fated meeting. Not fair, i stopped reading wide eyed and open mouthed searchin for the next paragraph, but wen did they derin and awazi av sex na! Thanks Tunde, Even though this last episode had some rough edges…. Too many twists joor! The attachment should interest you.


Broken Mirrors – Episode 17 – The Finale | tlsplace

You will achieve nothing. Derin turned off the ignition and also got out and then they made their way to the reception. And after the way he had spoken to Aunty Jamila, he had been unable to call her.

One mistake, and he throws me out, him and his friend. It brings out the power of imagination in me, so many lessons to learn.

Ope saw the doctor sit up on cue as if they had rehearsed the move and her growing concern grew into dread. I do not usually write on blogs but felt compelled to do so this time. He was exasperated by this boy. She checked the time — ten thirty. He had not heard from her since she left his house that day.

Beautifully Composed,I am impressed And I am inspired. He turned around and led them into the conference room. Why can some men think it is only them dat needsto let out heat.

Broken Mirrors……….Episode 9 – Oluseyi SMILES

Your writing skills are great as the reader is left anticipating the next outcome. His boss bbroken conceive a thousand and one ways to relieve him of the job, so he would rather play it this way.

And as regards what I want to do with my writing, I believe if you have followed so far, it should be evident.