Munto searches around the castle for Kamyu, who has skipped out of her lessons. Register using a connected account. Big divergence from the game in doing that reveal about Hakuoro just before his “brother-in-law” was killed by the arrow, as we get no such definitive info for some game-time yet. Kuuya, convinced by her bloodthirsty advisers, declares war against every other nation in an attempt to unite the entire continent. I’m beginning to see where they’re coming from. He quickly realizes he is one of a kind—the only one without animal ears and a tail. And sins, let’s not forget the terrible things they have done in their past, intentional or by mistake, forgotten by them or not. As the man cannot give his name, Kuon names him Haku, mentioning that the name has a long history.

Karura warns her not to get too attached to the baby because it will be hard for her to separate with the baby when baby returns to its family. After regaining consciousness, she went to gather mushrooms. Edit Opening Theme Haku asserts, instead of having to work, they can live off from the cash Ukon had offered to them earlier. On a clear bright morning, the people of Yamato gather to watch a parade while the kvetching Haku is tasked to clean gutters with a cheerful Kuon helping beside him. Utawarerumono Episode 13 Discussion. The group are forced to retreat as more Gigiris start appearing. Poor Mukkuru, being denied food.

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Utawarerumono Episode 13 Discussion

The group returns to the village and have a feast celebrating their victory. He is soon after attacked by a large red centipede creature and is chased down a mountain. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Lists of anime episodes.

Hakuoro tries to find another way to attain victory. Verify your username and email to complete your Registration. The group are forced to retreat as more Gigiris start appearing.


Sorcery was employed to convince the Emperor and people of the neighboring country that Utasarerumono was that person.

As Haku questions what he just witnessed, Ukon greets and invites him to his place along with Kuon. Edit Opening Theme Anime series licensed for home video relea Kuon accepts under the condition that Haku is allowed to tag along.

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The group then slays the remaining Gigiris when suddenly, a larger Gigiri Boro-Gigiri appears and slays one of Ukon’s men. The first OVA was released on June 5, I always forget to note it in comments, but As Haku asks Ukon what he plans to do, a cool-headed Ukon admits it was all a plot to capture the bandits while at the meantime, the ‘missing bunch’ from the group have already started making their move.

Karura’s younger brother, Derihouri, is leading a revolt in a neighboring country, although his small army is no match for the opposing force. Sub The Eight Central Ge A final decisive battle between Hakuoro and Niwe begins in Shikeripetim’s capital.

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Hakuoro met up with them, relieved to see them okay. They told Kurou that she is with an old man and a kimamau. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Touka helped Oboro got out of the monster.

A deeply shaken Haku returns to the capital, images of the war burned into his mind, and Kuon and Ukon deploy different methods to try to comfort him. Utawarerumono The False Faces.

Tusukuru-koujo no Karei Naru Hibi. In response to continued attacks, Tusukuru is forced to declare war on them. With its size, Touka assumed that it is the spirit of the river. After that, they are on their way to return home. On the other side of the bath, Ukon asks Haku what he is going to do now that he has reached the capital but Haku is lax about the whole situation and instead jokes if Nekone is really his sister.


Although he remains skeptical of his own plan, the effervescent Kuon agrees and sets of to lure the tatari leaving Haku, Ukon and Maroro to lure the Boro-Gigiri. Not for long she eventually got attached to the baby.

Remarkably, the exit of the secret passage appears to be behind where Haku and his group are. In there, he had a fight against Nopon and Gomuta. BBCode Modified by nerfx, Feb 12, 6: With Maroro knocked out from unsuccessfully trying to cast a spell and Kuon epidode Rurutie apprehended, Mozunu begins taunting Haku. The episode begins with the fate of Kuuya being revealed. And sins, let’s not forget the terrible things they have done in their past, intentional or by mistake, forgotten by them or not.

But like Fatman MGS 2 said: Messenger Fox of the Gods. However, Aruru isn’t about to allow that to happen and shows up riding Mukkuru. Ukon orders the wounded to return to the village whilst Kuon, Maroro and the reluctant Haku are asked to stay.

Utawarerumono The False Faces

Jan 3, JST. Mito Supporting Kimura, Masafumi Japanese. The tatari peacefully retreats, seemingly recognising Haku. As the group tour episods capital, it is revealed Yamato was built by the emperor centuries ago who is still alive and rules the country.

Touka is seen caring for a doll that she treasures.