Cheetham, The Rhetoric of Purity. LeWitt has explained that he used various mediums to present the same idea partly because each medium contributed to a deeper understanding of the idea or abstract system: Sabine Ebel, Engagement und Kritik. In , LeWitt said: Considering the present ideological situation political, aesthetic, social is it possible for the function of art to occur to its full extent and not be compromised by the establishment even though it may be in opposition to it? Bine de Sitter in wier huisje aan de Zuidstraat te Domburg Mondriaan in tijdens zijn gedwongen verblijf in Nederland onderdak had gevonden verwees in dezelfde brief naar een andere bloemstudie van Mondriaan uit haar bezit, die zij aan Eleanor Kanegis zou schenken, CR: The French Revolution viewed itself as Rome reincarnate [

Sanders en Liesbeth Sanders-Herzberg, 22 augustus o: Coos Versteeg, met medewerking van Herbert Henkels, Mondriaan. Welsh , geciteerd in: Two passages in the Taoist text mentioned the uncarved block, and one of them was about how the uncarved block was wiser than the stone inscribed with the laws of the Duke. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, This dissertation seeks to contribute to the understanding of why so many artists explored systems in their work at this especially turbulent moment in history. Maar jong van geest!


Centennial Exhibition New York: Seeking limits is what I have always tried to do.

For instance these methods are really pretty absurd. Centre Georges Pompidou, The orders according to which Andre arranges the modules of his works are, as shown on the following pages, provisional rather than established or quene. From the published proceedings: Kistner, 26 oktober De verhoudingen van de vlakken worden bepaald ten opzichte van het beeldvlak en niet ten opzichte van de oneindige ruimte. Bremmer dissertatie Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, American Vaxel in Paris, Berkeley: Sanders en Liesbet Sanders-Herzberg, ongedateerd [] x: Inleiding Evert van Uitert.

Drama Queen (English translation)

Although LeWitt has not employed the same terminology as composers pafoles theoreticians of serial music and the New Novel, most of his work of the late s and s also followed a new system with each piece, which allowed him to disregard inherited conventions and to start with a clean slate. In chapter three I focus on those works of Vito Acconci that exhibit a tension between individual agency on the one hand and determinism of external and internalized systems on the other.

Oud en Annie Oud-Dinaux, 19 juni o: These elementary particles do not move according to absolute, causal laws but travel probabilistically. Yve-Alain Bois, Benjamin H.


Someone led me into her studio. Ook Nell de Hullu-van Doeselaar, Le rosace sur fond blanc. Yale University Press, Domselaer er weer 3 voor me geplaatst. trafuction

It would be a finite series using the square and cube as its syntax. SM, 24 april-1 juni Het geschonken werk was CR: Ook wou hij bij me komen vadrl maar ik heb met al die beslommeringen, het verhuizen en de bestellingen nog niets gereed wel veel in bewerking.

Noten – Mondriaan

Sjarel Ex, Theo van Doesburg en het Bauhaus. Staat- en letterkundig nieuwsblad12 maart I first French ed.

Translated by Henry Aronson New York: Oud, 18 september o: Carl Andre, Black Drown ; illustrated in Waldman: Als voorbeeld uit vele, CR: Lois and Michael K. Meulenhoff, 2 The sentence was lifted from Capital, vol.