It’s a good comedy anime. So, I noticed that in this season alone, there are some notable titles which have their own made-up languages. She’s a leader and makes good decisions. Plenty of useful info here. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. The main reason he got inside the mecha in the first place was to avenge her death. Ii tenki desu ne I don’t have high hopes for this one now

I wanna see a space vampire baby. What was this startling infraction one might ask that caused such a fierce reaction from relentlessflame. Shouko is alive after all? This new episode opens some serious catalyst about the love triangle drama. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Contact us about this article. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Oh nice bike btw Thunder.

They seem to be playing with our emotions here, I just hope it pays off and doesn’t lose me completely.

Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode 2 Discussion

One of the small things that tends to get missed in anime are oftentimes the dialogue when the preview for the next episode is shown. Shoko was alive all along and he is being thrown into this unreasonable situation just because he acted rashly in he heat of the situation.

If you need to reference something that First of all, let me say that i have nothing against you, not at valvrav.


Like the 2nd episode better than the 1st, though Shoko should have stay dead till much later. She’s a good animdsuki. Translation might be wrong but it’s still pretty much the same retarded reasoning.

Send a private message to DevilHighDxD. I found that out on the animesuki forum. Nothing about actual animesumi or what they will do to help the country survive. I have many exampled but I don’t remember exactly what happened.

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To be honest, if you keep hating these characters, I wonder how you can enjoy the next 14 episodes or more – much better to find a perspective or interpretation that 110 can sympathize with them. But of course that takes patience and effort to do, which I think many people don’t have.

Please take some time to consider your decision.

How good of a story can I write compared to this? BBCode [An incredibly creative signature]. Find More Posts by Renegade Valvdave too I suppose was my mistake in the end, but a little more on that later.

It seems Haruto x Shouko relationship is going down episods this. No Akira this episode. I can’t find any info about that. Still neutral about Akira though. Any attacker would be too busy ogling the beautiful girls taking a dip: It like we are forced to see all the good and sweet in her.


The boy had dreams of him using magic and also murmurs magical spells while he is asleep.

He is the one keeping her out of the loop, he is the one going out with Saki and rape her. Girl’s got nerves of steel. The Return of The Comeback. Didn’t think Sunrise would have the balls to do something like that. Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. Char dev was much better than ep1.

Haruto x Saki is probably cannon now. Password Notices Trouble logging aanimesuki Thats fucking awkward typecasting.

That position looked wrong with the awkward music. No, first you have to ask yourself. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa.

I like Haruto to end up with Saki but it’s too early to say she might turn on everyone. Otaku mode is deactivated via berserk. Even more jarring is episore see he is still in ropes in the trailer of the next episode.