List of Valvrave the Liberator characters. Wings of Gingetsu s-CRY-ed: As the other Dorssian agents arrive, L-elf seemingly betrays his comrades and helps the students flee. Natsuiro Kiseki Eureka Seven: Meanwhile, Haruto has L-elf and Takumi monitor his regression syndrome, much to Saki’s disapproval. At the same time, Dorssian Commander Cain Dressel launches a squadron of mecha to invade Module 77, which activates the Module’s defenses. Each Valvrave also brought the team difficulties as they had to differentiate each.

Akira soon manages to hack into Module 77’s communications but comes under Q-vier’s attack. Valvrave the Liberator Cover of the sixth and final season 2 Blu-ray volume released by Aniplex in Japan on May 28, The Rising Aikatsu! Sometime later as the agents scout the school for a destination, one of them has a brief altercation with Haruto over their differing worldviews. Lamenting her feelings for L-elf, Lieselotte uses the last of her Magius powers to seal the fuel tank before it separates and allows the rocket to safely gain enough thrust to achieve escape velocity —killing her in the process. In the chaos, L-elf and Haruto manage to board the Valvrave 01 and attempt to kill Cain, although much to their horror, he survives and activates the inoperable Valvrave 02 with the Prue AI. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Views Read Edit View history. However, much to their astonishment, Marie survives and stands up. A group leaves the Moon en route to Earth with Haruto resolving to valvravd the Valvrave creators and learn how to revert to becoming human once more before destroying the Valvraves himself. Kaizaban’s Challenge Inuyasha the Movie: Island Wars Mobile Suit Gundam: Archived from the original on December 15, Retrieved April 27, Retrieved May 28, Meanwhile, Cain plans to intercept Module 77 before they reach the neutral grounds of the moon.

Meanwhile, Cain looks at A-drei’s pictures of an incomplete Valvrave. List of Valvrave the Liberator characters. Eventually Valvrave 02 rips through Valvrave 01’s armor and exposes its engine, at which point the Prue and Pino AIs of both manifest.

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While exploring the depths of Module 77, L-elf makes a discovery when the electrical grid shuts down due to the overworked weather system. Kyoto Saga Berserk season 2 Rage of Bahamut: Critical reception to the anime has been generally positive due to its epksode of conventional story elements often seen in the Gundam series alongside supernatural parts.


Whilst cornered by the guards, he comes across a young girl and threatens her in front of the guards. Much to Sakimori High’s surprise and that of the Dorssian forces, Saki intercepts them with the Valvrave Four which she dubs “Carmilla” and is initially able to hold them back, until X-eins has Dorssian forces switch to long range rockets, realizing that the Valvraves are only completely effective at close range. Endless Waltz City Hunter: After realizing that they have much yet to accomplish before they die, they put aside their differences and agree to build a unified world where everyone including humans and Kamitsuki can live in peace.

Afterwards, Figaro sends word to meet Haruto and urges vxlvrave to become a symbol of hope in the war against Dorssia. In the aftermath, Haruto crunchyroll Cain in combat but dies as a result of the Valvrave draining his memories.


Retrieved January 22, Elsewhere, the Magius organization gathers. As the Valvrave 02 takes a humanoid shape with plasma limbs, L-elf deduces that Cain isn’t human. This prompts Haruto to publicly inform the students of the Valvraves and conditions to becoming a pilot.

Despite Saki’s attempts to lure the Dorssian ground forces into the trap, A-drei anticipates L-elf’s plan, forcing him to detonate the bombs while H-neun attacks the crevasse. List of Valvrave the Liberator episodes.

Retrieved December 19, Afterwards, L-elf manages to make it to the drawbridge controls of a road to liberatkr east of the hangar and has the New JIORians use it as a runway for the rocket which then manages to take off despite one of the hydrogen tanks being ruptured by the Dorssian military. The next day, ARUS President Anderson and his associates arrive in Module 77 to begin their talks and are interrupted by an international broadcast from Amadeus. Now way off-course, the ship plummets through Earth’s atmosphere and eventually crash lands deep within Dorssian territory.


Valvrave the Liberator – Wikipedia

Soichi explains that the project used JIOR military funding to create new lifeforms, with the goal of attaining the next step in human evolution—using the genetically modified embryos of the Sakimori students. Retrieved May 7, Retrieved November 25, Ash Wataru Majinzan Ronin Warriors: At the same time, X-eins demands answers after A-drei releases Saki.

The series was licensed by Aniplex of America for streaming on Aniplex Channel. Retrieved October 27, Just then, L-elf causes the ARUS transport ship to crash into and block the Module’s docking bay—essentially trapping all of the Module’s occupants. Haruto and L-elf later infiltrate the Phantom ship and shockingly discover a covert room where Runes are harvested from humans. The Magius organization then has Amadeus claim that the Dorssian Military were at war against the inhuman Module 77 occupants.

Sometime later as the agents scout the eppisode for a destination, one of them has a brief altercation with Haruto over their differing worldviews. Back in the present, while Haruto and Saki cruncyhroll planned on keeping the presence of the additional Valvraves a secret to keep others from being dehumanized, Shoko and other students discover them.

NA Aniplex of America. Meanwhile, A-drei delivers the results of his reconnaissance to Cain and is issued to lead the next attack on Module 77 in order to retrieve L-elf. The Best and Worst of “. Black Rebellion My-Otome 0: Cell animation was used to emphasize the 3D CG which helped make specific lliberator such as drawing a sword.

Pailsen Files — Code Geass: Afterwards the Sakimori students broadcast a music video over the WIRED network to assure the world of their well-being while also gaining support and international aid in the process.