MegaDork , Jun 7, I don’t like Shoko x Haruto. Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Ep 7. She’s a good leader. They didn’t show the preview for the next episode again. This might hinder her and Haruto’s relationship. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum.

Haruto can only blame himself for what happens. Too much hate for Shouko, the girl doesn’t even do anything wrong L-elf is annoying with his invincibility and predictions but i am starting to dislike him less. As such, when we saw his eyes glow which meant the alien presence took control of his body, and he clawed Saki and tore her clothes off, I was actually not-bothered which goes a long way to show how inured we are to physical violence , I was expecting him to bite her, take over her body in order to feel the presence within him, and no harm done, right? I probably would have stormed away from the computer if they had killed her off. She exhibited being raped by being emotionless and calling it a curse. So, what did we have in that episode that was so surprising, that the whole of twitter and reddit blew up in massive discussions, spoilers, cries of excitement and surprise, after this one episode, which also made some people drop the show including after hearing about it but before watching it?

Just a couple day long festival and then what?

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Shoko may have won the election, but Saki won the e librator ection. Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode Haruto x Saki is probably canon now. He is the one keeping her out of the loop, he is the one going out with Saki and rape her. I guess i misunderstood you there.


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StoicSamuraiMastaJun 3, That’s all that needs to be said. Sorry but he became a pilot to avenge her first of all. All she’s guilty of is being an overly-optimistic 15 year-old or however old she is girl. Last edited by TWownsUJun 14, The idea is clearly that Haruto, despite his undying affection for Shouko, vlavrave has one more reason to run away from her.

Valvrave has actually been charming at times for me which is why I’m still interested in this week’s ep. For one I feel sympathy towards the two and I believe they both want to take initiative which I think most of the students there don’t and act on good intentions but are forced or limited by their circumstances.

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Yamada was so laid back this episode. Luckily she was able to retreat thanks to Haruto intervening. The only teacher in the school is a moron with big boobs. Well that was certainly an ending to episode He strategizes, and she discsusion. People who found that “scene” disturbing should skip it. Red-hair sensei is even more useless, and Takumi is busy playing with the Valvrave, completely detach from any management.

I won’t hand it over to anyone. Overall I am sorely disappointed. Anyways, lots of things going on in this episode. She might even stop liking him.

Haruto and Saki can work the job as Valvrave pilot. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

So far i think he is doing a good job but he still hasn’t come to terms with his immortality issues but that will change after he completely understands about this impulses and stuff. I don’t think it’s a problem if he kept it secret to protect others from it or avoid unnecessary panic and deaths.


Discussino of Anime More people need to watch this series, especially Code Geass fans.

BBCode english isn’t my native language There was something about the whole battle between the two of them that was a lacklustre. I agree with Dork that the time skip is likely to occur at the end of this season, but that would leave an awful lot of stuff to resolve in the present in three episodes.

Email required Address never made public. Valvrave the Liberatoror in Japanese called Kakumeiki Valvraveis a mecha anime series produced by Sunrisewith Kou Wpisode as the director, Katsura Hoshino on the original character designs and Ichiro Okouchi as writer.

MegaDorkJun 7, She gets what she wants. I would prefer L-elf x Shoko because they’re opposites and L-elf couldn’t predict Shoko’s announcement. It was alright I guess.

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