Unfortunately for her she fails and falls into a coma for several weeks, before being shipped to a mental institution where she is told damage incurred during the suicide bid will kill her within weeks. It is however, a poignant, beautiful piece of expert film-making. Jan 20, Rating: They may were more relevant in the book, but in the film, they are one of the main things which make it boring. I have to admit, I was put off from the start with the usual Radiohead ‘music of misery’ scenario and I never really gave it a chance from then on. As I mentioned on the first paragraph, I liked Gellar’s performance, and I think that David Thewlis also made a good work with his role, since he rescues his generic character with the conviction he shows. Sadly I think though it is certainly Oscar worthy stuff on display, I’m not sure due to its rather scattered release, the fact it is independent and unlikely to get as broad a release and publicity as is needed for Oscar contenders generally, it would be tragic if all the bloody great acting on show here does not get its deserved recognition. Well , now maybe you are thinking , why does he say that the plot does not go any where???

Another problem are the looooong parts dedicated to superfluous characters who enlarge the story without contributing any content. I was very impressed, because never did I think she was capable of making a performance this strong and subtle, however good I always knew she was. And in contrast to other films with great messages, this one has a rich atmosphere that compels you to watch and watch and watch. To the movie’s credit, the scenes with her and Edward are pretty good and it gets moving toward the end. Sarah Michelle Gellar, I think, wasn’t the best person for the role of Veronika. Gellar’s Veronika is somehow far more real and affecting a character than anything thrown out in the last twenty years e. In the negative side from the cast, we have Jonathan Tucker, who is absolutely bland and listless in his character; in other words, I did not find him credible in his role for even one second. Veronika is institutionalized for wanting to commit suicide.

There’s no attempt at any realism, and it’s an insult to anyone remotely familiar with the workings of a psychiatric unit. See it, if not for your love of the novel, but for the performances, you will be rewarded. At first I was enjoying it because I could relate to it.

I remember a guitar teacher says that you can make a Charlie Chaplin movie a very sad one by implementing a certain notes at a time. I don’t even think it is necessarily her fault as an actress It should have been better because it distracted the acting.

I just watched the movie at a film festival in Sofia, Bulgaria. It has no doubt set the bar for future movies dealing with similar subject material, it shows you eglish make films about depression and suicide without the irritating emotional circuses previously done in the industry.


The underlying story is good but implementation simply didn’t do it justice. This movie could have been done much better and way more interesting. When I heard of the movie, I was hoping it was going to be handled with the same deft of hand the author deides used with the original incarnation of the work.

Everyone has different perception and here is mine. The only other performance besides this where she really fleshed out her acting skills was in the disappointing The Air I Breathe, and the reason she was ignored was probably because the film was less-than-spectacular. She is informed that her OD injured her heart provoking an aneurysm and she has only a few weeks of life. Argemaluco 12 September engkish The sudden transformation from hating life to loving it was unsubstantiated.

The music that’s played throughout the film is unnecessary, it distracts from the narrative and leaves you with a conscious feeling of emotional manipulation. Veronika seems to come to these realizations as she explores reaching out to this male resident.

Read the book instead. Inside she rebels and tries to reject everyone around her. She also, most importantly, understands human behaviour and emotion. I was very impressed, because never did I vetonika she was capable of making a performance this strong and subtle, however good I always knew she was.

Sarah Michelle Gellar, I think, wasn’t the best person for the role of Veronika. Adding a score to some is just bad for the decidss. David Thewlis and Jonathan Tucker are also great, but to a lesser extent. However, the feeling of emptiness of her pessimist view of life verojika her to vdronika suicide with an overdose subtjtles pills. The only question I had in mind in my imagination was; who would be Veronica? It’s only a film I hear you say, but with it’s so called ‘dark’ subject matter and shaky hand-held camera I think this film is attempting at some sort of realism.

I did not watch any of her other movies prior to this one simply because they are not the movies I watch. Sarah Michelle Gellar as Veronika.

In this film she did not even pass out before someone was already banging on her door and how did they come in? I first read the book when it was released and I thought it deserves to be a movie because the story is so strong and moving. engglish

A nut house that looks like a retreat for super rich. David Thewil was good but not really dexides So many things were left out and yes, I know this often happens in moviesbut I feel the viewer won’t get even half of the effect of veroni,a book by t the movie. There’s a few good moments in it, it’s not a total write off, but it is extremely disappointing as the book was excellent and with the cast it had, this had potential to be a lot more than it was.


I have read the book a long time ago and when I found out that the movie was released, I was very excited and expected it to be a good one, but it subtitlse very disappointing actually. It is anything but. I have seen films with messages like this before, but somehow Veronika Decides To Die felt authentic, maybe because there has not been a film like this in a very long time.

I also watched it on fast forward.

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There were some flaws, for example the parents felt too one-dimensional, vefonika because of their small amount of screen time, and the actors that played them were not that great.

Besides, the ending from this movie is insipid. Nicki Marie Super Reviewer. Last time I had the chance to view her performance was Grudge 2 and wow she became a serious actress in this one.

Then after they decided to do the movie, it came to me as a pleasant surprise that Sarah was chosen, I was so happy and I loved her since she did Buffy the Vampire slayer.

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In conclusion, Veronika Decides to Die is a weak and mediocre movie whose good intentions were contaminated by a diffuse and frequently cloying screenplay which does not eenglish the dramatic levels it aspires to. The parents weren’t as good as they should be given the small role they had. Many people have read the book and I think that many will find the adaptation quite successful. From that on things were becoming even less realistic.

Some dialog do miss a certain emotional tone in this movie, but still it veronka worth watching. As any other great story, it tells life is worth living. I understand that she has little to lose and is free to love recklessly, but it seems beneath the character to latch onto this guy just because he’s hot. When i was watching i film i was really impressed of how they changed their personalitiesthey taught me veronia happiness can decidee everywherein every timethey inspired me.

Veronika wants to die is a terrible film. He likes standing in the corner of darkened rooms. Now we have to talk about the characterswell you can see how they grow upand how they find their life purposes