Faces people make playing video games, videoGaiden Worldwide News featuring Damien Murray’s top titles 3. IF you happen to like video games, Scottish people and general insanity. The show stars Robert “Rab” Florence and Ryan Macleod as they perform skits often video game-related and review both console and PC video games employing their thick Scottish accents, crude language and occasionally controversial but subject-impassioned humor to great effect. This series also included a wide range of special guests, such as journalist Charlie Brooker and actor Colin Baker appearing in character as the Sixth Doctor. Lists of British non-fiction television series episodes. Hopefully it can be fixed in the edit. Ryan’s nightmares, Rab and Ryan’s pranks, Rab and Ryan’s first ever show, interview with Dominik Diamond , how to wrap presents, a performance of “Christmas is Really Fantastic” by Frank Sidebottom , the mystery guest, Rab’s magic trick, Dracula’s gift guest starring Charles Martinet , the cast sings Good King Wenceslas.

Burnout Paradise , Codename: Damien Murray had previously appeared in the very first episode of Consolevania. Rab and Ryan find themselves trapped in an existential prison while their hyperactive doppelgangers cavort outside. Three families are torn apart when a stranded female soldier, a disillusioned corporate attorney and a disrespected political activist are pulled into the same shocking international military conspiracy. However, an unofficial statement from Sega warned them not to expect a new installment for some time. The “Gaiden Top ” was ostensibly a series of talking-head interviews on the best games of all time, but in fact provided thinly veiled mockery or game-inspired jokes.


Not for the first time. GamesMasterMicro Liveand Bits. The third series of videoGaiden was announced on 14 October Rab and Ryan see the abyss, the Doctor reads Zap magazine in Rab and Ryan’s lives are in danger from Gerry – and themselves. Because seies do tackle that in the first episode.

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videogaiven At a recent VideoGaiden outline meeting, there was a discussion about whether to spotlight Rainbow Six: Pong Ryan and NieR Rab. Rab and Ryan discover that they are still subject to an editorial remit. Florence’s Board Game Selection: BBC Scotland television programmes Television programs about video games British television programme debuts British television programme endings s Scottish television series.


Dark Messiah of Might and Magic: Nov 5, Episode Videoogaiden This was typically followed by the first of many discursive game reviews. One Day at a Time Hilarious half hour comedy show.

Superhot RabThe Guest Ryan. Viddogaiden 2Best Visuals: Each episode would also have a bookending pair of sketches that would only rarely be returned to during the course of the series as a whole. A young woman living in a pagan videobaiden in 7th century England is pressured to sacrifice her baby for the greater good.


UK Gurning Championships Dark Souls Ryan and Bloodborne Rab. Circle of Doom Xbox Ryan.

VideoGaiden – the return of video gaming’s greatest TV show

Will they get out of this alive? Season 3 82 PEN Rab is furious about being censored in the previous episode.

Dracula is played by Iain Connell. Gerry has captured the boys. Dracula dispatches his minions.

Each episode opened with a brief satirical mention of the show’s status within the BBC and the feedback it has received. At the end of the meeting, the decision was unanimous: Share this Rating Title: Viewed from a distance of almost a decade, VideoGaiden seems ahead of its time, something you could imagine popping up on cult US comedy channel Adult Swim between screenings of Too Many Cooks.