Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 N The Umbrella Chronicles Wii Rab. The boys edit the show themselves. Iain Connell makes a cameo appearance in the God Hand review. The Two Thrones Ryan. Rez Rab and Chuckie Egg Ryan. Ico Ryan and Silent Hill 2 Rab. Ryan falls in love.

Rab and Ryan find themselves trapped in an existential prison while their hyperactive doppelgangers cavort outside. While the likes of GamesMaster and Bad Influence! The headshots of Rab and Ryan used for the ‘Shenmometer’ first appeared in episode 1. Army of Two Xbox As one existential crisis concludes, another takes its place. The boys attempt to arrange a celebrity appearance in the show.

Not for the first time. Super Mario Maker Wii U. Games Violence, Warnings From History: Rez HD Xbox Live two segments.

videoGaiden Series 3 – The Chronicles of Hunter & Rayorg

You, The Eternal Pixel: Naked War received a full review in episode 2. Articles needing additional references from June All articles needing additional references Articles with multiple maintenance issues.

Dracula is played by Iain Connell. Damien Murray’s Top One: After completing their exterior shots in the icy drizzle, the crew hustle into one of videogaisen tenements that, in classic film-set style, is an unsettlingly bare wooden shell.

videoGaiden Series 3 Christmas Special

VideoGaiden is clearly shooting to a tight budget, but working under the purview of the BBC does afford some benefits above and beyond gatecrashing the River City set. Florence previously reviewed Theseus: Designs for ‘Manpuncher versus Boxhead’ a reference to Consolevania 2.


While the likes of GamesMaster and Bad Influence! If VideoGaiden was an outlier eight years ago, it might also feel a little out of step ina time when gamers can videobaiden traditional mediators by tuning in to live Twitch streams.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. They freely admit to being fitter and happier. The credits roll over the Airwolf theme on the iPlayer and the videoGaiden series 3 theme on YouTube.

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The boys celebrate the end of the series. Rab and Ryan’s lives are in danger from Gerry – and themselves. Cursed Memories PS2 Ryan. Eye of the North. Oblivion was transformed into an ongoing farce of throwing boots on to roofs.

Hotline Miami Ryan and Bayonetta Rab. Undertow Xbox LiveGuild Wars: Dark Souls Ryan and Bloodborne Rab. Valkyrie Videogajden, with Rab. Ties That Bind Ryan. Panzers — Cold War press kit. While no TV channel seems that interested in launching a mass-market games show, the vacuum has been filled — perhaps overfilled — by gaming video content online.

Eye of the NorthMost Fantastic Music: Show 25 25 50 All.

BBC Two – videoGaiden, Series 3 – Episode guide

PlayStation 2PS2 Essentials: Rab and Ryan attempt to escape the existential prison. When Consolevania morphed into VideoGaiden, appearing on BBC Scotland and online, it remained chaotic, self-aware and, crucially, funny. DevCo, Benny’s Games Pitch: Superhot RabThe Guest Ryan. Gaiden Man is played throughout this series by Gavin Mitchell. A-Train HX receives a full review in episode 3.


Ninja CommandoThe Death of Socrates. The credits roll over the ‘Allo ‘Allo! High School Musical1.

PortalRise of the Robot award for laziest game: Rab and Ryan find themselves videoagiden in an existential prison while their hyperactive doppelgangers cavort outside. Deep FearThe Eternal Pixel: Tron Rab and Joust RyanBits style: A Story of Seasons Fairytale Rab.

But why did they think it should? This is a list of episodes for the BBC Scotland show videoGaidenan entertainment show with a magazine format, dedicated to video game reviews, gaming features, and comedy sketches based on gaming culture.

The Spiderwick Chronicles vidoegaiden formatsZack Eastwood: First appearance of Gerry McLaughlin in videoGaiden.