Page Below shows the items which are categorized under IM. Page 49 Click the Alias List link to access into the configuration page as shown below. Click the Browse button to browse and choose other audio files. Next, Benson can make a direct call to Jacky by calling iptel. Type the subnet mask. Name Protocol Specify the protocol s which this profile will apply to. Successful message will be shown as below. Usb Application USB diskette can be regarded as a server.

None – Disable the backup function. Import Click this button to import a saved file as the certification information. Type in all the information that your ISP provides for this protocol. A pop-up window will open to ask for username and password. Thus, when a phone call incomes, all the extension numbers under such group will ring. The following page will be shown:

Directory —Check the items List, Create and Remove for such profile. Below is the sample page for Phone port.

Also the Vigor router will discard any request that tries to retrieve the malicious code. WAN IP for your selection. Page Method 1: Swries router will work as a bridge modem. The most important thing is that the computer will receive a reply from Send backup When enable, the system will send a backup copy to the owner of the Virtual FAX extension number.

Office Hours You can set ten groups of office hours including starting point, ending point on duty day s. Each filter set is composed by 7 filter rules, which can be further vigorippbbx. Type the IP address e.


Page Now, the web page will display viforippbx service that you have activated according to serirs selection s. Page and Password of the mutual authentication peer. Action Specify which action Call Schedule should apply during the period of the schedule. The Privacy Policy does not apply to linked sites outside of the Site or to persons who are not authorized to participate or participate in the administration of this Site. Please refer to the following figure for more information.

Item Description Index You can set 10 groups for using in different conditions. It can help 28220 to make calls quickly and easily by using Speed Dial Number. Protocol – Specify the protocol s which this filter rule will apply to. Idle Timeout- If the dial-in user is idle over the limitation of the timer, the router will drop this connection.

VigorIPPBX – DrayTek Corp.

It means When someone calls ext: Two combinations are available for Aggressive mode and nine for Main mode. Page Real-time Hardware Encryption: After you click the Edit link, you will see the following vigrippbx. Password -Type in the password provided by ISP in this field. For sales, press 1; for support, press 2, vigorippbc. The website hosts are equipped with firewall, anti-virus system and other related information security equipment and the necessary security measures to protect the site and your personal information with strict protection measures.

Allow the remote ISDN dial-in connection. Page Available settings are explained as follows: Find more Click it to open http: Extension for checking message: Page Stateful inspection is a firewall architecture that works at the network layer.


Draytek Vigor IPPBX 2820 Series User Manual

Common application of Open Ports includes P2P application e. This avoids missing important phone calls. The policy of sharing personal vitorippbx with the third party This website will not provide, exchange, rent or sell any of your personal information to other individuals, groups, private enterprises or public agencies.

After finishing the settings in this page, click Next to see the following page. Page becomes one pure L2TP connection.

Page 23 Now, the password has been changed. Page Enable Open Ports Check to enable this entry. Green The port is connected with 10Mbps. With auto-attendant, after hearing the greeting, you may dial 1.

Page 73 want to check your voicemail, you can: For example, if the local seriies network is Available settings are explained as follows: Then AA will answer your code. If you are an editor or journalist, you can let newspapers or magazine download your reports as well as high-resolution photos while you are chasing latest news.

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