Making golden apples to heal Talking about his experiences at MineCon Having a contest to name his horse Making tools and enchanting. Enchanting pickaxes Locating the build castle build Starting to build the castle. Working on making the zombie dungeon more functional. First episode using the new intro and outro Working on the media room in his house, adding a fully-furnished computer desk, a television set and assorted lounge, and a pool table. Working on his house in the village Mining coal for a contest and talking about music Discussing boat sail design. Season 5 took place in a world that started on 18 July Working on the sheep house Sharing a Beefy tune.

Trapping and curing a zombie villager Looking for a slime biome Exploring a mineshaft. See Slaying the Wither. Checking for lag at his Lily Pad Touring Arkasdam. Showing the completely furnished bathroom, including a flushable toilet, a sink, and towels Showing a newly-added escape tunnel Building a barbecue in his backyard. Reacting to the surveillance by the Hermit Security Inc. Working on the “Church of Beef” within the castle. New intro Caving for resources and xp Building a barn and experimenting with different details Having his sword disappear after using it to block an arrow Making a cow pasture.

Mining ores ftg while caving and enchanting new tools Working on furnishing his village home. Listening vihtagebeef the Canadian anthem from Ads Touring spawn Searching for a spot for the Christmas tree and watching Anderz start building it Checking on the Lilly pad. Installing the squid in Pause’s tank Making curved stairs Testing his bed location. Sesaon his plans to build in Guudelandcaving. Creating his banner, touring around the server. Caving for lapis Looking for caves.

VintageBeef has a dedicated playlist of all the pranks he has been involved in on the server titled “Mindcrack Server Prank Wars! Adding Cheep Cheep pixel art from the world of Mario on his front lawn. Building boats in the island harbor Making iron golems in each house.


Pranking ShreeyamGFX by breaking his bed and covering his house with a curtain of water. Finding a message from CriminalForHire Building a car and decorating his garage. Decorating the area above his Nether Portal with a miniature version of his home.

Recapping the five-hour livestream that occurred on 28 August Decorating the final bedroom in the mansion Announcing Blae’s “Butcher Beef” skin contest victory; it won with 73 votes whereas the Corporate Beef came in second with 66 votes.

See Beginning of Season 5Etho. Revising the cameras in Pyro’s Broadcasting Station and finishing the interior design Looking at the changes in the spawn village and Doc building his shop.

Building a multi-story house in the new village. Work on part of the castles roof Work on the guard tower. Discovering the cat generik left him is missing Tracking down generikb and killing him in revenge Trading with Pyro and making an enderchest and storing his valuables in it.

Caving with Guude and Kennedyzak near Guude’s desert home. Returning to his jungle village Checking on his villager breeding system Making a melon tree to thank Etho Showing details he’s added to his western town Discovering ftbb exploring a hand built mineshaft with Arkas’ face at the end. Working on the sheep house Sharing a Beefy tune.

Adding more houses to vintabebeef village Talking about his trip to Portugal. Asking viewers for their opinion on floor and path designs.

VintageBeef/videos – The Unofficial Fan-Run MindCrack and HermitCraft Wiki

frb Using pistons to widen and center the library carpet and bookshelves Talking about how zombies should have an edible drop Experimenting with a new library chandelier Traveling to the Nether mndcrack collect more glowstone. Showing off the storage room in his village home Decorating his office and fixing creeper damage Building more Moai heads. Setting up his beacon Making his water wheel. Relocating the beacon Finding birch saplings Starting to work on the airship.


Building a fireplace and decorating his sitting room. Harvesting netherbrick and glowstone Finding another cryptic pillar and following part of the path How Beef taught Etho redstone vinragebeef.

Working on building his house in the village. Trapping and curing a zombie villager Looking for a slime biome Exploring a mineshaft. Finishing the lighthouse Trading in his jungle villagers Making another Moai statue with a hidden passageway Talking about why he hasn’t been vintabebeef playing minecraft.

VintageBeef Server Modpack

Caving in a mineshaft and managing to retrieve his stuff after dying Deason enchanted picks Discovering generikb had traded him a stack of renamed snow blocks, and later learning where the real blocks were left Working on emptying water from a lily pad section. Making a portcullis at his castle entry with generikb.

Showing progress made in excavations, starting to layout plans for the build Announcing a BC meetup, and urging viewers to thank adlington.

Building and decorating the Christmas tree at the spawn village. Building a chicken shaped egg farm on Guude’s land. Exploring caves Answering viewer questions.

Views Read Edit View history. Building his front steps and making a garden Planning for a caving vinyagebeef with Guude. Work on the guard tower’s roof Discussion of personal stories.

Working on the inn in the spawn village Naming the inn. Naming his horse Pony Danza Making flower beds outside his house Working on lighting.

Season 5 took place in a world that started on 18 July