Released in , Ascent blenders have a new sleek design with new features like NFC wireless connectivity to identify which blender container is being used and new digital timer capabilities. Then by chance I hesrd about these black particles in some of them. The Explorian E looks like the Next-Generation G series blender but the Explorian is built with the C-series 2 horsepower motor. With the presets you just select a program, turn it on, and the machine will automatically speed up to the appropriate level and then shut off when the cycle is done. Another caveat to consider is that the motor in the is not as strong as those made today. Grandma and the Road Warrior who already has a full-sized Vitamix at home are two good use cases. The has been popular and was the main blender blender sold by Costco for the last couple years. It is more powerful than the S-series and offers the same performance of the popular C series

Does one have a better cookbook? Mitch, thank you very much for sharing your story and congratulations on getting the Vitamix model you were after. I am planning to use the vitamix for a lot more than just smoothies. Set it up, press start, and walk away. From what I have gathered Vitamix is aware of the cause and location of the problem. I know I would get somewhat frustrated if it is difficult to scrape contents out of the tall version, but if I want to be able to make small amounts of something it sounds like the original 64oz is a better option? Then, would be better over ? I just received a new reconditioned Vitamix for Christmas.

Angela Wow what a great article and really informed my purchase! Can you live without Bluetooth in your car?

WB, this is really what makes decisions like these personal. However, Vitamix will still honor the warranty for professilnal full term. Overall, wet containers can work for everything but dry containers use a specific blade that is only intended for milling beans including coffee beans and hard grains to make flours.

Best Vitamix Blender to Buy? The Ultimate Guide for 2019

Ciaa the and Professional Seriesit also has a Pulse lever. There is no ounce container that is compatible with the Ascent Series; only a oz. The recipe books and online recipes are specific to Vitamix model with a lot of recipes that are C-series with or without use preprogrammed settings. Both machines will perform near-identically for the majority of your functions.


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We love it and think you will, too. I do not know about Romania in particular, but in certain parts of Europe the Professional Series is now available. Overall, a great Vitamix you’ll love. I really like my because of its bells and whistles, e. Can you provide any insight into this setting? I found a discussion from someone that owned both the Gseries with presets and same as GSeries base model without presets and they had the same issue I have with presets.

If so, which one is better? In terms of the quality of the results they produce, the difference will be negligible.

Could you please help? Like all Vitamix copolyester containers, these, too, are BPA-free.

A has s imilar performance for Gseries Now I have a question about the two types of motors. But, ultimately, only you can put a price on how much these extra features will potentially be worth to you. That said, it is certainly not required to perform ciaa of the primary blending functions of the machine.

It will not make adjustments based on blade size. One is Platinum, the other Brushed Stainless. We are exclusive to Vitamix. The benefits here are low profile and narrow body. So far I have covered the basics on the different Vitamix product lines and various control options. Note on Vitamix Pricing.

Comparison of Vitamix Models 2019 (Which Vitamix to Buy)

If plan on making grain-grinding for flours a regular part of your blending routine, this would be a perfectly legitimate reason to consider this package.

Considering the decade-long fia warranty and features included, we generally recommend this Ascent to new owners. On the fence between getting an Ascent or a Legacy Vitamix? Though this motor has been designed to make blending easier in blenders with wider containers, most people complain that the size of the container makes it harder to blend small amounts of ingredients. Yes, it can be overwhelming trying to decide on the best Vitamix blender for your needs. This is the latest and greatest Vitamix.


However, its user interface mimics that of the C-Series models mentioned above. If you would like to send me your contact information, I would be happy to add you to my list of those wishing to be notified when they are available once again. Could you please give seties a little insight and information? This is a great way to get the ultimate Vitamix setup. Also, I truly appreciate your kind words and your use of my affiliate code when placing your order.

It is for all intents and purposes a regular model, but it is only available in a Black motor base finish. The Vitamix is the base model in the G series. I Really dont know wich one would be best. They have Smart Detect containers 8-ounce cup and ounce cup compatibility!

Best Vitamix Blender to Buy? The Ultimate Guide for

Why are some models advertised specifically for soups, chopping dense ingredients, etc.? Another caveat to consider is that the motor in the is not as strong as those made today. This is a very helpful site. If most of your recipes tend to be on this scale then the ounce containers will be ideal, and might only be potentially problematic if you find yourself making exceptionally small-volume recips, as in, under a cup or so.

Greg, although it is designed specifically for frozen drinks, I would expect it to do an admirable job on fresh-produce smoothies, too.

See current price and reviews. The TNC comes with the standard ounce container.