Who would want to kill a priest? When more people with connections to the business are killed, Wallander starts suspecting that the killer is to be found within the company. Homes are burgled and a vigilante group is formed. Becoming roommates makes Linda and Stefan’s relationship more complicated. At the same time a trial of human traffickers starts, and both Wallander and district prosecutor Katarina Ahlsell receive death threats, forcing them to assess their jobs as well as their own relationship. Who had the strongest motives? When a riding pupil finds the stable owner dead in his barn, Wallander is initially at a loss for suspects—the dead man had no friends, no social life and seemingly no enemies. Kurt’s brief romance leaves confusion.

Variety Reed Business Information. Who would want to kill a priest? A cottage by the sea, owned by a local charity that lets it out to the public, is ravaged by a gas explosion. When a small-time crook is killed by a sniper, Wallander and the Ystad police investigate. The case brings back memories for Linda of her own past and Kurt deals with a troubling health issue. When they are identified later, a web of betrayal, secrets and love affairs is revealed. Retrieved from ” https:

From tothe first 13 new stories, starring Krister Henriksson as Kurt Wallander, were produced. A missing grandmother leads Kurt Wallander on the trail of a religious cult. His neighbours are suspected, but they are the next to be poisoned. The local populace suspects Islamic extremists, but when the army is called in, Wallander believes otherwise.

At one point, Wallander tells his daughter, Linda, who is applying to become a detective, that she should reflect—otherwise she, like him, will emerge from a tunnel 30 years later, wondering what had happened to life.

A young girl is hiding somewhere in Ystad.

The second season of thirteen films was shown between and This page was last edited on 17 Augustat Tracking a sadistic killer, he follows a string of incidents, including ritual murders and attacks on domestic animals, with the wzllander of his daughter Linda, a new member of the police, in swknaden town of Ystad. When a woman is shot dead on the beach outside her restaurant, the only witness is her young daughter.


Retrieved 27 April After filming completed on the series, Henriksson stated that wallande would not play Wallander again, having only signed the new contract because he thought the series could have been better. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The first film is based on the Finish Mankell novel Before the Frost and was released in cinemas. A woman is found murdered in her flat, and in the subsequent investigation the loyalty of one of Wallander’s young colleagues is put to the test.

Suspicion falls on a strange man who has been seen in the neighbourhood.

The police go to great lengths to protect a cellist who is due to testify in a Russian mafia trial. A cottage by the sea, owned by a local charity that lets it out to the public, is ravaged by a gas explosion.

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The husband is the obvious suspect, but several loose ends suggest more is going on. Soon Wallander is convinced there’s been a double murder, although no bodies have been found. When a sbtitles boy goes missing, suspicions immediately fall on a previously convicted paedophile, and vigilantes start attacking him and his elderly mother.

Just back from suspension from the police department, Wallander conducts an investigation into the disappearance of a girl which has frightening similarities to a case he worked ten years earlier. A cider manufacturer is murdered during a business party.

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Retrieved on 28 November When an abandoned baby is found in a car, Kurt Wallander oversees a big operation to find the missing father. Wallander has no clues, until he finds out that the priest was having an affair. However, when the boy is found dead with a high dosage of a sedative, Wallander starts to look elsewhere for the killer.


Becoming roommates makes Linda and Stefan’s relationship more complicated. Kurt Wallander by Henning Mankell. Kurt Wallander and his colleagues uncover the connections between a series of murders and a military training exercise. Wallander and his comrades seek what remedies they can to the consequences of the sins of oppression and greed.

Wallander’s daughter Linda is married and has a daughter of her own. A priest is shot outside a low budget hotel in Ystad and is fighting for his life in hospital. Variety Reed Business Information. The episodes in the second series are: Blood Line [3] “. Filming began in Augustand continued during A man with learning difficulties blows himself up while trying to rob a bank.

An old man who withdraws 20 million kronor from the bank is found poisoned.

An abandoned lorry is discovered to contain dead refugees. The case brings back memories for Linda of her own past sakhaden Kurt deals with a troubling health issue.

When a man dies in a fire, it looks as if a convicted arsonist recently released from prison is being framed, but he refuses to help the investigation exonerate him. The series wallannder premiered July 30, The burned corpse of a man is found inside and a badly burned woman is found outside, who dies wallandfr hospital before she’s able to talk.

Views Read Edit View history. The investigation reveals the murder weapon is connected to one of Kurt’s oldest friends. While on a stakeout, trainee Pontus is shot.