He summons one of the characters, Raven, to the real world. One day, she and her mother buy a handmade doll at a toy store. Everything changes when a magical tiara grants them any wish they like, but they wish for nasty things that will make them lose. Because of his dirty and harmful hands, Kokoy’s family and friends are infuriated and move away from him. Because of his disobedience, Bokbok will be captured by the witch Divina and will be used in her plans to steal from others. Vincent gets everything he wishes for cash, game cards, driver’s license, concert tickets, and movie passes via a magical wallet he found. The paintbrushes run out every week.

However, as her family starts to live a wealthy life, Kate suddenly becomes too arrogant and loose with their money. The story of sisters Petra and Aya who are working in a pepper farm owned by their cruel aunt. Only her mother knew that she was Lena and soon her aunt and Jeffrey find out when her mother was sent out from the psychiatric institution. Because of her parents’ lack of attention to her, Ylia is ready to prove herself and do everything to feel the love of her family. Jasmin is an orphan who got separated from her sister Daisy after their parents Dahlia and Oscar died in an accident. Kikay transforms into Super K and dives into the ocean to get the magical pearl. When an inscription on the mirror is read, two identical versions of herself appear.

Unknown to her, her guardian angel Kiko has been right beside her all along to help her achieve her goals. Super Kikay and Her Flying Pagong One day, when Fordie and his brother were cleaning, he saw a door. Mimi meets her karma when a playful elf shrunk her to elf size.

Almira saves Stella who turns into a mermaid. Meanwhile, there’s a big rat running loose in their house.

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Pinay is a girl who is not fond of giving way for her youngest sister. By continuing past this page, and by your continued use of this site, you agree to be bound by and abide by the Terms of Use. Because of his desire to get the acceptance of Marian’s father, Joey wishes on a magical Christmas ornament to provide him with beautiful decorations and delicious food for the special visit of Marian’s family.


However, as Abby and her siblings experience the good and comfortable life, her officemates and family begin to discover her negative side. But after using the scarf, she became selfish and self-centered causing the magic scarf to lose its powers.

As she continues to kill and ruin all the plants that her mom planted, Rose discovers that there are magical pixies looking after their garden. Patty is a fat girl who wanted to win a beauty contest. Sasha is an Internet sensation but she lies to all, others say she is just a poser.

In her desire to live a comfortable life, Grace wished on a star to live in a beautiful house just like a grand dollhouse.

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Julia MontesJ. Eventually, Patty becomes flat, and realized that she needs to start listening to her mother. An episode which will give importance to the value of generosity. Because Bea keeps on bullying Kat, the mysterious school statue switches the personality of the two students and lets them experience each other’s life.

Because Galactica’s powers are too much ullu handle, she chooses three individuals on earth to fight said att. Gradually, he transforms into a humanoid tree. Jasmin is an orphan who got separated from her sister Daisy after their parents Dahlia and Oscar died in an accident. It revolves around the life of Eric, a disobedient young boy who doesn’t want to be controlled by others.

It’s up ullu them to undo the curse, but must switch their lifestyle to do that. She finally learns her lesson in the end. She does not want to do some physical activities but to stay in her room with her gadgets. A man who can understand animal language, was approached by a carabaopleading to find her missing son.


It will teach fellow kids about the importance of proper nutrition. An episode that will teach kids an important lesson about taking good care of animals. Nilo is a child who is punished to become a fish after accidentally stepping on a dakuwaka, a rare kind of fish which believed to be the guardian of the sea. Although he has a noble heart, Ving always gets picked on and is not well accepted by his classmates Chelsea and Warren.

An episode that will teach kids and families about the importance of giving ah to mothers.

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Ali Badbad en da Madyik Banig She decided to kill Valentina but she accidentally turned Bebot into another statue.

However, not contented with having only three wishes, Gelli wishes to be as powerful as the genie so she could have all her desires as she pleases. Si Lulu at si Lily Liit: Jenny was only five years old when a fairy granted her family with magical powers.

Tonton is a young boy who is fond of eating junk food and skipping meals. How will magic and fantasy change Popoy’s life?

Si Lulu at si Lily Liit: Part 1

Will she finally learn to value her father’s love now eansapanataym she will be the one responsible to take care of her family? Joy is a lazy child who is not always excited to go to school because of her addiction to television. The paintbrushes run out every week.