Tyrone is a young boy who spends most of his time researching about aliens rather than helping his Mommy Agnes. Archived from the original on Paul John and Mimi Bianca are childhood sweethearts who promised to love each other no matter what. The story revolves around the adventures of Jack, Vera, Rex and their quest to solve puzzles from the past that will greatly affect the future. I’ll Be Home for Christmas Because of this, Nicolas felt bad and decided to run away from home with the help of a magical toy, thinking that he will be much better off away from his family. Badong is a boy who wants to become a superhero.

As Karina delivers the gifts, she sees a little boy who runs away from home because his parents are having a conflict, thinking of what happened to her in the past. But it can never grant him true friends nor true love, the things that matter the most to anyone in this world. New Year’s Special Episode Cast: Two siblings named Kitkat and Ozzie don’t know how to share their belongings to each other and always fight for their things so they use magic stickers to keep their belongings just theirs. Eric’s life begins to change when he is given a magic remote control that gives him the power to control and manipulate the lives of other people. In order to follow all, she received a green ring, which makes her two, or three.

Prince Patrick steals a magical potion from his wizard, but falls into a portal that transports him to the modern days. Danillo Barrios, Jodi Sta.

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After the returning the magical pearl, the ocean returned to being clean and all the fishes were happy and thanking Super K for saving dansapanataym. Whoever falls in love with Hanna’s mother will die, including Hana herself. But Kanan and Kaliwa were shot by the man’s gun, and had given up their lives for Cara to live normally.

In toouch for him to return to his normal self once again, Nilo must save the mother dakuwaka from a team of researchers who captured her.

The next morning, Dong Pagong told Kikay that she must retrieve the magical pearl from the giant octopus to save all sea creatures from certain death. When she discovered the secret of a woman who was cursed to become a flower named Dahlia, Yayo promised that she will keep the secret if she will be cured from her asthma. While staying in his parents’ hometown, Mau Elmo Magalona meets a mysterious girl, episdoe Holly.


Super K returns home and returns the magical pearl into its proper place. Because of her amazement, Yayo tkuch to share to a sick old man about Dahlia’s special powers. She said her name was Karen, and Carl was very surprised. Shaggy is a young orphan who doesn’t believe in Christmas and in the existence of Santa Claus. Until Beauty’s Yaya Doray decided to make a spell on Beauty that will teach her a lesson, causing her to wabsapanataym Myra’s hair, Susan’s skin color, and Candy’s birthmark.

Now Kate suddenly becomes arrogant and must bear the consequences. Gigie in a Bottle His plan backfires as his own magical necklace curses him wansapsnataym turns him into a merman himself. She easily found the magical pearl but she was caught by the epsode octopus and followed her into shore. As the series progresses, she starts to abuse the potion, just because she wanted to win wansapanatxym contest. The story revolves around a girl, named Tootsie who doesn’t brush her teeth everyday.

Julia MontesJ. He continues to use the shoes for money and good deeds. Super K and the giant octopus fight each other.

A man who can understand animal language, was approached by a carabaopleading to find her missing son. One day, she and her mother buy a handmade doll at a toy store.

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At the end, it turns out that it was only a dream all along. Views Read Edit View history. With this, Jessie, a boy that adores Irene so much and the two fairies’ favorite letter sender, gets disappointed with her. Despite all the efforts of his mother, Paolo still chooses to play video games and ignore everything his Mom gives him.

Pinay is not very fond of her youngest sister. What will Perry have to sacrifice to get the perfect life he wanted? Will Katty face the consequences of playing with food?

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The friendship will be put to test after they accidentally wasted one wish. Lucy is a materialistic girl who loves to get what she wants even if she cannot afford it. He use his magical powers to fight magical creatures in their town. It promotes the value of conserving electricity. This marks the start of a new journey for the siblings as they go on a mission to bring back the perfect family they once had.


Will Maita finally learn to take care of her eyesight when the germs start to attack the eyes of her sisters and friends? Lists of anthology television series episodes Lists of Philippine drama television series episodes. Because Mifos powers are too much to handle, she chooses three individuals on earth to fight said villain.

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The ghost is able to go to heaven, and the teenager who wore the shoes is healed. Laiz by episod her off with rats.

She uses it for her personal gain but will soon realize the consequences of her excuses. The problem is, it leads to an accident with her family. A story that values love of the family, Minnie, Edison, and Benson’s story will teach everyone the importance of hard work and the dangerous effects of abusing one’s power.

Percy receives a magical tablet as a gift from dwarves.

Tragedy strikes when wansapanatamy stormy night, lightning strikes the internet cafe making John acquire magical powers similar to the main character in his favorite computer game. Despite this, Ving continues to spread kindness to other people and remains determined to chase his dreams. But soon that this happened, she realized that being herself is the true person within others.

When the fairy of cleanliness sees this, she curses her. Terry owns a fairy doll Kitkat in which she shares all her wishes.