Best comforting by an inanimate object ever. Frederic believes Warehouse 13 is about done for. But only time will tell. Bittersweet Moment – all of them shouting, “Best job ever. Now they changed that concept completely. Frederic explains that their job today is to contribute their defining moment as well. I actually suspected that Brother Adrian was imaginary and have for a few episodes so it wasn’t any big surprise, although that was about the best use of an imaginary character. Still at the Round Table, Claudia apologizes for wanting to stay an agent but both Artie and Steve say it’s unnecessary.

Suddenly there’s a time skip to several decades later, where a grumpy guy scans Paracelsus-like monitors while a man and woman stand behind him arguing about whether they want to be agents or not. Fredrick tells u to get the hell out of the warehouse I would get the hell out!!! In a terrible finale, this is the moldy icing on the cake. MHO Leena fits Artie like a glove, thought they were married at first in the pilot episode. Mercifully they take pity on me and it does, in favor of a glimpse of Leena’s first day at the warehouse. Leena is privy to the secrets of the warehouse and knows things about Warehouse 13 that not even Artie knows.

In order to warehojse something right. The time now is spiolers Human Send questions and comments to askmatt tvguidemagazine. As Leena witnesses Artie in the midst of a psychotic episode, Mrs.

Claudia had that great scene with Jinks where she explains how they’ve brought people back from the dead in the past.

And now that there’s nothing left for you to take, well you…you’re just going to just leave. My guess about Leena is maybe she is gone for good. If you need a reason, it’s not worth watching. See, the warehouse does appreciate him.


Emoangsting is the theme for everyone tonight except Mrs. TNG as an enemy of Data’s.

Best action all episode. Since one good freak out deserves another, Pete steps up to the bat again. Other than that this season is so intreaging.

Not a great idea. Since he’s a waregouse lie detector and the two are mutually exclusive, flag on that play. It would have been fine with some character development leading up to it and if Steve already knew.

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By using Artie to spoillers off Leena is wrong! That’s one major character overhaul to throw in to the finale. Say that one 3 times fast. I’m also not one who thinks the show needed Claudia.

I stopped watching this season around episode 3, even though I still consider it one of my favorite shows. I applaud the writers for killing off a beloved character. In the final episode, there is a flashback to Mrs.

A teary Pete apologizes for his earlier fit. Hate Crimes Law and Order: Kipling has taken to writing rude verses on the walls.

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During the conversation, Leena gets a vision and says, “Someday I’m gonna die here She can sense whether something is living or not. The blonde is actually HG Wells, disguised by the glasses and thimble of previous episodes. She storms away from the table spoolers Mrs.


Win-win all the way around. Leena is able to read or sense auras and energy forces. You can do it kiddo. Frederic has her own category of awesomeness. I sigh, relieved that Artie’s monologue rescues me.

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Suddenly there’s a time skip to several decades later, where a grumpy guy scans Paracelsus-like leea while a man and woman stand behind him arguing about whether they want to be agents or not.

Hopefully Leena’s role will be increased in S3. Contains spoilers for S1 and 2 By tricky in forum Sanctuary. It couldn’t be a guest star, it had to be somebody who meant something to our team. Unlike agent Steve Jinkswhose death was undone using an artifact, Leena’s death is irreversible. La La Land 6. He chases a blond prostitute to a dead end…maybe. Still there’s no excuse for this paltry season as a whole, which damaged my overall feelings toward the show. I just couldn’t see an end point for the Adrian storyarc, spoilsrs I figured I should let it play out and resolve itself so I can lefna and enjoy again.

Myka, on the other hand, Spoiler: Meanwhile, at the Spoilera Table, Steve and Mrs. Apparently Pete pushed a warehouse button, violating rule 1, and now the warehouse is overrun by deadly dancers as everyone taps their way to death. In London, Jack the Ripper is on the loose.