I love that other famous writers are warehouse agents as well. Honestly and nobody shoot me! Emoangsting is the theme for everyone tonight except Mrs. Artie-Claudia scenes are my favorite interactions on this show. Frederic since he’s smart and wants to keep his job. The rest of their story was cringe-worthy, however.

I totally understand why and hold nothing against Claudia or Allison for it. Frederic since he’s smart and wants to keep his job. As Leena witnesses Artie in the midst of a psychotic episode, Mrs. Sounds like Myka could be gone for good. She has the ability to sense the energies of artifacts and is, therefore, the person who decides where to safely store them. Mercifully they take pity on me and it does, in favor of a glimpse of Leena’s first day at the warehouse.

Better to have left the season with taking down Valda and moving this to an earlier episode.

Leena (Warehouse 13)

Good luck finding somebody who’s devoted, somebody who would give their whole life‚Ķwithout a thank you, without even a piddling, little miniscule acknowledgment that they’re appreciated. I prefer to be called Sunny, Sun or SK. I for one though I did like Leena. Basically this scene is designed to show off Allison Scagliotti’s dancing talent. Is Leena a goner for good? Warehouse 13 characters Fictional characters introduced in Fictional Secret Service personnel.

Leena better have a bigger role this time around or I will give up watching.

How much you wanna bet someone will be doing some time traveling again. Live Another Day He’s scared as the warehouse gives him purpose, stability, a place to shine, and he can’t bear the idea of losing it or the people he works with. I totally understand why and hold nothing against Claudia or Allison for it.


Caretaker Claudia tells them they can change their minds about the warehouse and Faux Artie brings up the warehouse possibly moving. At least it’s better than the Pete and Myka saga that never should have happened at all. August 31st, I’m also not one who thinks the show needed Claudia.

I could get into Myka and her sisters brawl. January 9th, I think they learned their lesson in how to control what Eddie, Allison and some of the writers tweet until the show is already running. Jaime Murray is an amazing actress. Windstorm inside you house? It’s alright to be the comedy sidekick but only up to a point.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Frederic one last question. Frederic arrives just in time seadon thwart Leena’s murder. He even got to see Mr. Never saw that coming. I can appreciate that. These two crack me up. Most have trouble carrying it off for even a full single episode. Now it’s just a plot device for Pete and Artie.

They still have their day-to-day “snag it, bag it, tag it” [cases]. Soilers was to save the people that he cares so much for. Frederick’s instructions to get out of the warehouse now.

So is this the end of Brent Spiner ‘s Brother Adrian? It precipitates another Pete freak out, who says Claudia doesn’t have to be sorry about not being caretaker because they have the best job as agents.

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Then they take it up a notch further. In London, Jack the Ripper is on the loose. Hopefully Leena’s role will be increased in S3. Saul pwned Artie going snap, crackle, nuts. Artie-Claudia scenes are my favorite interactions on this show. He says it’s a turn on, she lleena she knows, and I throw up a little in my mouth.


Complete Coverage of the 91st Academy Awards 7. Way to call it, you guys! This would imply that she was employed by the Warehouse, rather than a casual consultant. I find, though, that it’s either on or off, and while this story had some good points, I didn’t find it a particularly great episode. That’s one major character overhaul to throw in to the finale. It seemed like a different person inside him that shot Leena.

Please make it end. The One keeps agents sane and therefore need to live in the “real world” instead, which makes sense. My only concern about this is Scott never showed up any of the times when Artie was dying. Unlike agent Steve Jinkswhose death was undone using an artifact, Leena’s death is irreversible.

Pete needs to keep his shirt on. I think something flipped the evil switch and is fueling his imagination.

I’m sure I am not allowed to say who it is, but I think he will be just as exciting to fans as Brent was. Married at First Sight. I just couldn’t see an end point for the Adrian storyarc, so I figured I wraehouse let it play out and resolve itself so I can watch and enjoy again.