To hack it, use the camera from across the street above the parking lot. Head to the bridge nearby and check the end near the waterfront to find the fourth box. Back out, run west through the alley, turn north and look for the security camera on the underside of the overhead walkway. Head north again and look for the billboard “Chicago’s Best Latte. Home Guides Watch Dogs. Don’t forget to turn to the Watch Dogs Guide Directory for tips, reviews and help!

Afterwards, drop into the water, grab a boat, and drive it to the other end to find a bridge column with the fifth box. Here, you should order a truck from the Car Demand App or steal one. Hack it, then head towards the fourth box waypoint that can be easily accessed. The fourth box is to the west. These are not usually tested by us because there are so many , so please use them at your own risk. The fourth box isn’t hard to find but it’s also blocked. Run around the fence, climb the short building to the storage yard and hack the fourth box via security camera.

Head east on the boardwalk, go up the stairs on the left, and go east through the park.

The second box is on the side of an appointment building, which can be hacked using a security camera nearby. After the first hack, run west, jump onto the lift in the alley, raise to the roof, go north, and hack second box.

The third box here brandoj be on the wall. Check behind the building where the second box is to find an alley. Head downstairs to ground level, moving north along the river’s west side.


Watch Dogs Guide: ctOS Breaches | Watch Dogs

The westernmost box is on the side of a gazebo. So first box is located pretty far from the others. Use the environment and problem-solving skills to your advantage. Pokemon Go Posts How many have you caught?

If time is an issue using the camera may be the better option here. Follow this guide to hear about updates. Follow the dark path or use the light. To continue, speed west through the raxio then turn north and locate the camera above you on the underside of a walkway. Get down, head east into the parking lot, cross under the overhang and look for the camera above.

You can jump over the fence and hack it watcj the shoreline. In other words, these are timed and must be completed before the clock runs out.

Watch Dogs ctOS Breaches

Use the scissor lift and a swing stage to get to the building roof. You can then hack the box. Best Legendary Pokemon Currently. Upcoming games for What are you looking forward to? Super Cheats is an unofficial resource with submissions provided by members of the public.

First thing is grab the fastest and most mobile vehicle possible–a motorcycle. If so, having some jam coms will be useful. The fourth box is to the west. Hack the camera underneath the fourth box to hack the camera that’s even higher on the opposite building.


When you come across the Thyla Pharmaceuticals building, turn right and keep an eye out for some stairs as you dash east. From the first box, turn around and swim northwest. Jump down and start brrach east across the street.

Drop down, head east toward the white tower, look for the lift on your right and get in. The boxes are hidden.

Watch Dogs Guide: ctOS Breaches

Head north over the fences and across the skybridge between the rooftops to find the third box underneath a staircase. Now you can hack the fourth box. Special Pikachu Edition GB. Afterwards, head across the street to find the fifth box on the wall of the building.

Venisia Gonzalez Featured Columnist. For the fifth box, exit the camera and move up the alley back onto the street. To get an email when this guide is updated click brsndon.

When you attempt to exploit such a breach, the system will attempt to shut you down. Ask a question here Help a gamer Can you provide the answers for fellow gamers questions.

Back out and run north through the basketball court.