Heba Musbah Dyab, 11, daughter of Gen. NATO said it had a policy of not targeting individuals. In September , Human Rights Watch interviewed a former senior Gaddafi official who wished to remain anonymous while he was in detention after the fall of the Gaddafi government. Human Rights Watch also found a few military uniforms discarded in a passageway on the north side of the complex. On January 23, , Human Rights Watch interviewed three family members who witnessed the attack or its immediate aftermath as bodies were retrieved, as well as four neighbors, one of whom went to help the wounded. I was in a coma for about two days, and then I went to the eye hospital. The type of weapon could not be determined.

The first bomb hit a large, two-story house owned by Ali Hamid Gafez, a year-old farmer. My mother lay under the wreckage until 8 p. I went down to the ground floor and I fell over with the girls. So I pushed away the debris and took her back to the room next to Tahani. Strikes that resulted in no civilian fatalities—though civilians were wounded or property destroyed—were not included. The operation lasted seven months, ending on October If the pilot could not determine that those people were valid military targets, then all feasible steps should have been taken to cancel or suspend the attack.

At the bava house itself, they said, they knew of no military equipment or personnel. Imagery from September 4, after the strikes, shows the two damaged Jfara homes and little activity in the area see Image Four civilian family members were wounded, the family said.

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On the roof were more than a dozen spent rifle cartridges and remnants of a JDAM satellite guided bomb of an unknown model, which NATO apparently dropped on the building. Eighteen countries 14 NATO member states and four partners took part in the operation, 15 dysb them in air operations.

My family was in the kitchen together having dinner.

dyabb I was wounded lightly in the knee. Individuals who willfully commit serious violations of international humanitarian law can be prosecuted for war crimes before national or international courts. Near the front gate were two empty boxes of small arms ammunition. There was smoke and dust and people were crying, and we could still hear the aircraft. And it would help ensure that the lessons of the operation are learned to strengthen efforts to minimize civilian deaths in the future.

On September 23,baab 4 p. He told Human Rights Watch:. She was doubled over with metal and wood debris on her back. Satellite imagery of the el-Hamedi farm from May 27,three weeks before the attack, revealed no signs of military activity see Image 7. More than a dozen members of the extended family had congregated there after their homes in central Sirte were shelled in fighting, family members said.


Promptly acknowledge combat-related cases of civilian casualties or damage to civilian property. There were no other signs of military equipment or activity on the premises. She heard vaba missile coming towards us.


On August 4, at around 6 a. I was trying to reach my children and family, but I kept falling down. The exemption from ICC jurisdiction in Security Council Resolution runs counter to core international legal principles of jurisdiction, including territoriality i. My sister Watdh stood up outside and came towards us.

In Afghanistan, the pain of losing a family member can also have financial implications, which could be eased through payments. The circumstances raise serious questions about whether these areas struck were valid military targets at the time of attack. Human Rights Watch visited the site, kilometers east of Tripoli, three days later, escorted by Gaddafi government guides, and spoke with Mustafa ddyab. More than an estimated 1, light trucks and possible light armored vehicles are visible that day in several parts of Bani Walid, including one group on a road meters northeast of the Jfara compound see Image 9.

At five of the sites, Human Rights Watch found only possible signs of a military presence, such as a military-style shirt or coat amidst the rubble. On August 29 or 30 in Bani Walid, kilometers southeast of Tripoli, a NATO strike hit two homes and killed five members of the Jfara family—two men, two women, and a nine-year-old girl. Dyyab are made and in-kind assistance is provided without reference to the question of legal liability.

During the conflict, the Gaddafi government tried to highlight the number of civilian deaths caused by NATO. We are also providing questions wtach the specific sites that Human Rights Watch has investigated in which civilians apparently died. According to Farid Jfara and other witnesses, the electricity was out in the area, so neighbors brought cars with headlights to search for the wounded and dead.

In January the government formed a task force to investigate incidents. I reached the main road, and with the help of neighbors, we tried to lift the blocks and reach my family. As of late April, the task force had apparently not begun its work. Human Rights Watch reported extensively on violations during the armed conflict by Libyan government forces under Gaddafi, as well as by anti-Gaddafi forces.


The Gafez family compound, far left, and al-Jarud family compounds, center and bottom right, on August 6,two days before NATO air babba hit the compounds. The armed conflict in Libya fell within the purview of international humanitarian law, also known as the laws of war. A few remnants of NATO munitions were found in the rubble, but the type of weapon could not be determined.

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The strikes apparently killed eight family members and five staff—in total four men, four women and five children. Civilian deaths in Majer, August 8, Appendix B: After we got out, they struck the second time. Musbah Ahmed Dyab, who some family members say was killed in the attack. When I got outside, we started looking for the dyxb.

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Imagery taken on July 15, shows the damaged or destroyed structures on the farm, as well as the dyah post office and adjacent building next to the communications tower across the street see Image 8.

Italy did not respond. He recalled the moment the missile hit the house: A few seconds before, the family was sitting and chatting together. On September 25, around 4: NATO has not provided information on the countries involved in particular strikes. All of these people said there had been no military activity at the Jfara homes or in the area before the attack.

Information you can provide about these strikes would be appreciated. Such an investigation would entail a determination as to whether the target was a valid military objective and whether the attacking force took all feasible precautions to minimize xyab casualties.

The focus of our research is on civilian casualties apparently caused by NATO air strikes between March and October Human Rights Watch has conducted extensive investigations on the ground, and documented nine cases in which apparently 72 civilians died.