It is not without irony that an organization once hailed as a vehicle for free speech has become the target of censorship by the very people it sought to give a voice. Peaks on the graph are showing the pressure of a team throughout the match. Khin Maung Lay acknowledges there are innumerable challenges ahead, but said he is ready to face them “in the name of freedom of press. Other fixtures of Myanmar television include action movies, Indian Bollywood movies and Chinese dramas. Retail stores 20th Street Hostel. Illegal satellite dishes have sprouted from rooftops, allowing millions to watch overseas broadcasts.

Radio Free Asia does a Burmese language. It can be received from countries and is transmitted from Thaicom-3 C Band Global beam. Anti-Rohingya views have swept both social and mainstream media, seemingly uniting politicians, human rights activists, journalists, and civil society from across Burma’s myriad ethnic groups. Myawaddy Football Stadium, Myawaddy , Myanmar. Televisions were rare, with only the wealthiest families in urban wards owning a set. In accordance with Title 17 U. About 70 percent of the country’s print media is based in Yangon, much of it controlled by ex-military officials or their relatives, leaving little coverage in rural areas, where most Burmese live. The few private television stations in Myanmar avoid all coverage of current affairs in favor of a diet of soap operas, Korean dramas and pop music.

Gaining enough income from advertising is the first priority. According to official data, there were 60, registered satellite receivers inalthough a glance at the dishes on the roofs of Yangon apartment blocks suggests the real figure is much higher. Once the Broadcasting Law is applied fully, they are expected to become independent broadcasters, Myo Myint Aung said. But Toe Zaw Latt conceded that the commercial challenges were still formidable. The company has invested time and money studying broadcasting in other countries myawaxdy get ideas for K-Channel, he said.

However, what they wrongly assume is that the “irresponsible, racist, and inflammatory language” circulating on the internet is likely to be resolved through discussion in the national media. The content providers have different organisational histories and cultures and this will affect the strategies they adopt.


Myanmar Travel Information ]. News programmes regularly feature army and political leaders, while entertainment programmes feature ethnic groups singing songs of national unity. They will even sell some shares, although not all,” he told AFP.

Bythere were some independent magazines and newspapers. AFP, October 20, ] Myanmar’s state press has shown scant signs of modernising — except for an increase in celebrity gossip — since the country began its reforms under a quasi-civilian regime last year.

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Find out more about contacting bet hereeither by telephone, post, email or chat. About 70 percent of the country’s print media is based in Yangon, much of it controlled by ex-military officials or their relatives, leaving little coverage in rural areas, where most Burmese live.

Waking before dawn, she would meditate, then spend the rest of myawaddyy morning doing household chores while listening to the BBC and other stations on shortwave radio. Myanmar International Television is a Burmese state-owned national and international English-language television channel based in YangonMyanmar. This page was last edited on onoine Februaryat This morning, I was in tears seeing this. By focusing on news, it will differentiate itself from existing broadcasters, which have traditionally eschewed anything politically sensitive because of their close links to the military.

The sheer level of racism against them in Burmese society — enforced by a government policy of discrimination and abuse — lies at the core of the matter.

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Sign in or Register to watch live stream. You can watch Myawady FC vs. June 10, TIME: Radio in Myanmar In Myanmar there is one state-controlled domestic radio station and 9 FM stations that are joint state-private ventures.

Inthe National League for Democracy government announced a workaround. English websites of Chinese embassies. Mangrove restoration goes high-tech. Radio Myanmar broadcasts English on the following schedule: Newsletter Subscribe to our mailing list to get the updates to your email inbox. Press Room About Contact.


IT technician Ye Myat Thu said he wanted to hear more concrete explanations from Facebook about its decision. He is chief editor of Golden Fresh Land, one of four dailies that went on sale Monday as Myanmar takes another step in its march toward democracy.

Theint Mon Soe aka J Frontier. The ongoing crisis illustrates the need for Burma to embrace not only independent, but also responsible and inclusive journalism. In November last year, a social media campaign whipped up a tirade of animosity against the BBC for a report published one year earlier that had identified the Rohingya onlinf residents of Arakan state. As a result, many have chosen to operate their dishes illegally. Sectionthe material on this site is distributed without profit.

Writing in the Myanma Ahlin newspaper, a writer who identified himself as Ko Gyi said onlibe countries were flooding the country with entertainment programs that citizens are enjoying without realizing they have a darker purpose — to destabilize the country and spread immoral behavior.

Its news programming will be in the form of current affairs and documentaries, he added. The five content providers will be allocated digital channels.

Watch the match on bet Sign in or Register to watch live stream. Archived from the original PDF on Series 0 – 0. In order to facilitate this transition, the government must take concrete steps to address the underlying dispute surrounding the Rohingya. Such material is made available in an effort to advance understanding of country or topic discussed in the article.

Many people have satellite dishes for watching European soccer or Chinese soap operas as well as outside news.