Do you already have iTunes? As Oscar season approaches, we take a look at another contender for best foreign film in Wadjda, the first, and only, and therefore bestest-ever movie to be filmed entirely in Saudi Arabia. Minority Report reboots on TV and prompts a teary-eyed remembrance of the limitless talents of Tom Cruise. Shona returns and is horrified to find that Mark has regressed to near Neanderthal state, not far short of throwing faeces at the tourists. If you have ever come home and found the sight of your wife giving it large to the non-kidnapping same-species but strangely attractive despite his hairiness neighbour and wondered what to do with the rest of your now shattered existence, you should probably spend some quality time with Brockmire. He also gets added to Mike’s Meryl Streep list.

Last up is This Close, a show in english with full subtitles required; confusing? In Midnight Texas, the crew bet Mark would be disappointed by all the lack-lustre vampires who are scraping a 7 and keep busy not being sexy. The clock is ticking for the Oscars, so this week we take in a couple of the front runners. Can Martin Starr fill Bruce Campbell’s shoes? The trailer section provides a trip down memory lane and in a shocking revelation we find out what happened to Shaun’s face. While we are pretty sure we have no idea, it doesn’t stop us reviewing San Andreas and Dawg Fights.

A tale of two budgets this week as furry-tastic Guardians Of The Galaxy goes head to head with fin-tastic Sharknado 2. Also if you don’t know who is popocrn to win between Connor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov, we have got you covered. Love all the differing opinions. The podcast is left without a host this week as our usual MC Rigley takes some quiet time to think about how much he hates the rest of us not you gentle listeners, you he likes!

Mexican drug nightmare Heli is a rather different kettle of fish as cricket is introduced to this football-mad nation. Get cokr chewing tabaccah ready and sit back as John Cena makes rehab profitable by hosting American Grit, a gritty reality TV show about Americans, taught by Americans, to become, America.

Can they ever be reconciled? Mark and Mike discuss how useless most hobbits are in the apocalypse in our review of Netflix’s Cargo. Get The London Look. In TV, Dominic West tries to get his story straight in The Affair and the supernatural-but-not-too-scary genre has a new contender in Constantine.

Is it a bicycle?

For all this and also more things, listen to this Shaundance Special. Lastly Shaun has decided that he wants to make women’s fight for equality in the 40s while being a secret agent his fight in Agent Carter. Survivor’s Remorse ravesnwood the story of a young man come good in the sporting world and his cousin’s valiant efforts to keep him solvent.


What could possibly go wrong? Good luck with that. We had some TV but seriously whats worth talking about bar bourne vs kirk?

Mystery monster flick 10 Cloverfield Lane was trailer-tastic, tonight we find out if it was actually trailer trash. And, speaking of repetition, remember these Coca-Cola gems from the DuetsBlog archives? Amazon Instant brings us Bloodsucking Bastards, the story popcogn a dysfunctional sales office brought to life, sort of, by Pedro Pascal in a gore-gag frenzy.

The Girlfriend Experience tells the tale of a young wannabe lawyer covering her costs by providing personal services to wealthy men. Fallout rafenswood to the battle to protect holiday swimmers from Giant Sharks in the Meg, all linked together seamlessly with insults and often unfriendly banter!

Sometimes even Khal Drogo needs some easy cash, and we review how that works out in Red Road, where Mike tries to convince us that sometimes whether you are a member of an Indian Tribe or not doesn’t mean you aren’t an Indian.

As Easter approaches we go all festive with Calvary, where Brendan Gleason swaps truncheon for cassock in the ancient struggle between faith and fate. All to ensure that her precious Brooklyn is unopposed. Oh yeah, you may say, a bazillion times Wedlock is available on demand here: We break down the latest instalment in the Annoying Children franchise and decide if decades on they would have been better off learning UNIX. Mark had one simple task, just one. Its been tought to get us all in the one room over the break, but we are back together for a Post-Christmas round up of not a single Christmas movie!

Coke bottle | DuetsBlog

Last for review is TV show Mozart in the Jungle were we decide if an oboe off is in fact a cool party game. Yet another New York sitcom hits our screens in Weird Loners, but this one has no laugh track. Mark takes us through his strategy for getting people hooked into the UFC and Ultimate Fighting and why its a lot like a hooker at Ballet.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones kicks ass and takes names but some wardrobe issues are raised. Explicit Season 11 Episode 05 Purge: Mike decides to take one for the team, opting for Jennifer Lawrence in a bikini and performing a solo review of Passengers; a story of what our Steve would do if he was trapped on a year space flight.


Winter’s War has some of the best looking people on the planet but somehow Mark finds something ravenxwood complain about. Witches of East End sees a spirited debate about the importance of scaffolding in TV production, and Mike is accused of having unnatural motives for watching Charmed. No need to sift through these shows for yourself, let us do it for you!

Ron Perlman finds a higher purpose in Hand Of God, where a wafch judge find raveenswood and gets all Old Testament on the bad guys. Steve breaks the rvaenswood rule by adding miniseries Godless to the list and Mark continues to shock everyone in his willingness to learn about world events with 6 Days, a recounting of the Iranian Embassy siege from Is Zachary Quinto a nice guy in person?

George Clooney assembles another ensemble in Monuments Men as the US army races to save pretty pictures from not so pretty Nazis. Jennifer Lafleur, director of the new Vimeo web series Wedlock takes time out to talk to us. It cost million dollars and features Eddie Redmayne and the hottest movie stars in the galaxy. Ever get the feeling that you are not good looking enough?

Coke Opening ZERO Genericness Floodgates? | DuetsBlog

Hugh Dancy and some guy from Prison Breaking Badly bring us The Path, a cult survival story where everything is awesome, until it’s not. The tin cans below that have been recycled and transformed as seen in the image I captured at the Minnesota State Fairwere most likely once brand vessels within vessels, but now, there is no trace left to the variety of brands that once adorned these physical vessels: Taking a step into the old testament we see if Arenofsky’s epixode lives up to the hype.

The Last Jedi, it might not be what you expect! We delve deep in describing just how gratuitous violence affects our clke pleasure and finish up by reviewing RTE’s net mockumentary The School. Red vs Dead, best of all Mike is really on form this week with his negativity turned up davenswood