I saw this episode after leaving work at DISH last night, and the flashbacks really filled in a lot of the gaps in the story of how the power went out. It was a promising show, which added scifi and drama I even enjoyed the first Twilight movie Hell, I read all the books, despite the English linguist screaming inside in pain , but I have my limits. Rachel should at least give a try to snatch that energy star from her ex-boss. Which characters, if any, do you really care about? Elizabeth Mitchell slapping Charlie. And with other reliably-like minds saying similar things, I truly think that’s enough for me. Maybe in the series finale???

Although I sort of appreciated how the show admitted that Danny was nothing more than a MacGuffin, the way “Ghosts” handled the aftermath of his death is telling. It seems Revolution is a culmination of them all. They are going to serve less than that during an apocalypse. The main drag for Revolution is that it care less for its characters and more fort the plot as the focal point of the show, so the gangs continuing their schemes to kill Monroe than reel from loosing Danny is not shocking. Bitch looked like she snapped. It was so predictable I was bored by the time the episode ended. We conveniently no longer have the power! I’m sure it was supposed to be read as sorrowful, but instead I translated it as, “We came across the country just to do this?

Maybe the largest military outfit in the revolutioh might have some type of information network that would know where the rebels are? But seeing that the show really and truly only saw the character as a plot device—and one that the writers apparently aren’t even interested in using to make a dramatic impact—is disheartening.

Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload. This episode marked an important milestone for me. He stopped reviewing TWD and now Revolution? Why is everyone with an automatic weapon such a bad shot from so close? No offense to Tim, but if he were to stay in the real world juuuust a week longer Why is her mother cornered by militia guys on both sides and do the other ones only encounter a few.


He hasn’t been clever for gevolution now and has eatch just degraded. Cut the guy some slack.

Turning on the power happened really, really quickly. Maybe in the series finale??? In flashbacks, we learned about the death of Randall’s son, and then we saw him holding the dog tags revoluton before he made one of humanity’s worst decisions, which skipped a few steps but got the point across that this was a man who so badly wanted to cease the conflict that brought him pain that he’d do anything.

Sutherland would travel 10 or 20 miles across Los Angeles traffic in minutes. Of course this doesn’t account for the DVR and other delayed viewing numbers which will likely watcy a bump.

So does this make Rachel the Roland figure? And that’s, ladies and gentlemen, how a review is properly made. I have to say, ever since the “Adventure of the Week” style ended rvolution they got Danny, the show has improved a bit. For me, this show has now become a cheap Star Wars wannabe.

Last week it was the “surprise helicopter” – the rebel looks out the window to see a minigun two feet from his nose. The writing is becoming consistently inconsistent.

The three of them just ran off as per and not one of the troops could’ve used his scope amd shot them at leisure.?

Revolution: S01E12

Too bad, because I like the general concept of Revolution Again, Elizabeth Mitchell is the best on the show. Honorable mentions go to: This show has always been hit or miss, more often miss We’ve got you surrounded, with guns, so instead of shooting your leader off his horse, we’re going to surrender our tactical advantage and submit to a swordfight. But she ran to his dead body, she had the scene in the morgue, she was talking about losing her family.


Yet I don’t see that anyone has in the last 12 episodes. And I can’t blame her. But the ultimate question still hangs in the air and I am certain they will reveal the answer to it on the next episode. But Tim is awesome.

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I just about burst out laughing when I say the pendants were flash drives this whole time. Conan the Librarian was such a bad pun I actually had to replay it to make sure what I heard was real.

It spurred a tense conversation for the next two minutes where you got to see Monroe holding himself back from exploding.

At this point in the show it’s almost not worth reviewing, especially not a serious review for a ridiculous show. It seems Revolution is a culmination of them all. The places that they are traveling too are not down the street. The actors are bad, all of them, including Mitchell who only seems has one face’s expression: Rachel finally answering some revokution