If you’re personally acquainted with him, you’d be more inclined to say that he is a prick, since sometimes his only goal is taking care of his own interests, and he can exploit others ruthlessly. The Last Jedi sets up the hacker DJ as a successor to Han; a Jerk with a Heart of Gold crook who joins up with the heroes for his own benefit, only to end up a genuine part of the team. Oh, come on, we oughta try to trust each other. It also helps that he’s played by the Ninth Doctor. What do you expect? They’re unscrupulous con men who set out to use modern weaponry and tactics to manipulate a small nation into appointing them kings, with the intent of making off with hoards of treasure, but for most of the film you can’t help but root for them.

Cynicism , as Cynical series tend not to place value on the concept of a Code of Honor , which is usually what makes the Lovable Rogue, well, lovable. Elden is a deserter and a thief. The Undersiders from Worm are this to a greater Tattletale and Grue or lesser Regent and Bitch degree when we first meet them. Hawkeye from Seiken Densetsu 3 , who seems to be modeled off of Robin Hood. Naser al-Din Shah Qajar. But he was so damn charming, he’d usually get away with it, all the while stealing the audience’s hearts.

But you have heard of me.

The majority of characters from Pirate fall under this trope. She gets nicer and gives up thievery by the end of the first arc, but still keeps some lovable and roguish qualities. Del Boy from Only Fools and Horses.

Look at most relevant Harime soltan full movie farsi part 2 websites out of Deekin from the expansion packs also counts because, well, he’s a kobold bard. The g comes before the u sgisho, ladies and gentlemen. They’re just so awesome they don’t need to kill. Have you no good points?

Douglas Fairbanks essentially invented this archetype for film and based his whole career on it: He also tends to operate at least somewhat outside the law such as being forced to get into an explosive gunfight with pirates in the first game’s intro due to operating without a permitand Uncharted 2 opens with him engaging in a museum break-in.

And Kay Faraday, even though she doesn’t technically steal wqtch. Legend of bbesh Seven Seas has Sinbad leading a troop of non-murderous pirates. That’s got to be the best pirate I’ve ever seen. Naser al-Din Shah Qajar – Wikipedia. Yet his friendly, fun and charming personality makes him likable despite this.


And back in the main party, Haley Starshine probably qualifies, even though we almost never see her actually break any laws at least, in the strip itself. River Song is a a time-travelling archaeologist, convicted murderer, thief and still saves the universe every now and then with the Doctor.

Miroku’s flaws therefore run in the family. The team also fits as a group of Anti-Heroes. Here people try to put this trope on this Macheath, but this one is really just a murderer, rapist, pimp, etc that is only ever really out for himself and nobody should want him.

Rattrap from Beast Wars. The pirates from Dubious Company. Cartouche’s personal dash and exploits were exploited in ballads and popular prints and, much later, in several films.

He seems to hold no ill will towards you or anyone despite throwing you to the wolves repeatedly to save his own skin and he does seem to have an interest in defeating the Big Bad as long as he’s not in the direct line of fireand you have the option of having CHARNAME reciprocate.

He is also depicted in movie Nassereddin Shah, Actor-e Cinema. Androids 17 and 18 of Dragon Ball Z — in the main timeline, at least. Essentially, the only two lines he consistently has shown is an unwillingness to kill anyone in cold blood and a refusal to take a direct part in any type of slavery operation he would work for slavers in other matters though.

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Also later Peggy Armstrong, who began as an Unlovable Rogue but was subsequently softened. And we did invent the deep-fried stoatthat must count for something. Former French President Jacques Chirac is portrayed this way in the satirical fake news show with puppets Les Guignols de l’infobeing shown to be a shameless liar he even had another identity as Super Menteur, i.

He will either be a good-natured chap who steals from people who deserve it and is the subject of much affection, or he will be a complete sociopath”. Jack Masterson of Shidho Hustle is a con artist who has no problem lying and cheating. Watch new movie trailers, clips, news, and reviews videos on Dailymotion. I do the job The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: He’s quirky and friendly on the surface, but he’s still a selfish criminal deep down onlien he sells out Finn and Rose the second things go sideways.


Added bonus when played by Dirk Benedictwho was also Face. Despite this, he’s roguishly handsome and charming enough that he’s gained a fair number of admirers among its students.

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onlime Claude Greengrass in the British onlkne police soap Heartbeat. Ambassador Ghadiri said “the bullet that was found in her head was not a bullet that you could find in Iran. Plus, the actual thieving of Tasuki’s thief gang is easy to ignore, since they border on being The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything anyway except when they briefly serve as The Cavalry later in the series, which makes their thieving even easier to ignore.

The Next Generation tried shishl pull one of these off in a second season episode, ” The Outrageous Okona “. Milanor the Silver Wolf from Yggdra Union is the leader of a loosely-knit group of vagabonds, but he also helps the eponymous princess form a counter-imperial rebellion. Subverted with Jack from Fables and its spin-off ”Jack aatch Fables. All of the members of The A-Team are this since the bad guys are so one-dimensionally horrible, but Face probably fits here the most since he’s the slick and charming ladies’ man and Con Man.

Milega zulam da badla Loc Geet. How do you know when you should break the law?

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Isabela from Dragon Age II sits here with a drink and a few knives most of the time, if only because of her easygoing nature and the fact that the loss of her ship has forced her into a lack of pirating recently. For extra points, he may even give some of his takings to the poor. Brooklyn Nine-Nine has recurring villain Doug Judy. Talon Karrde has been said by his creator to be based off of what Han Solo might have become in the years since the films, if he hadn’t fallen for Leia.

This is very much a matter of Adaptation Distillationsince the original characters in the Kipling story are not particularly attractive, and Kipling doesn’t pretend they are Star Wars: Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica