At the end of the episode it has a close-up of Marc’s siblings before he dives, there is another Marc standing next to them when Marc is on the diving board. Bucky Alder former actor. But soon, the older spies disappear and the Spiez rescue them together, despite their quarreling. Strange occurrences happen in the museum during the spies field trip. In the B-story, Megan gets a crush on a tall new student named Paul, a transfer student from California and wants to be tall herself to have him notice her. A microchip is stolen from a lab and the Spiez are sent to investigate. Jerry is sick and asks the Spiez to go on dangerous missions to find a cure. The Spiez finish up and run home before their mom finds out.

The kids investigate a break-in at the robotics lab. Later, Lee gets annoyed when he is put under supervision of a babysitter, although he is They bicker about it and tell Jerry that they were tired of working together. The public saw him stop Slick Mick and start to call him “Yo-yo Boy”. Why you should watch The Voice, World of Dance and more! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

His new dream is to snowboard across the entire world, permanently changing the world’s weather patterns to do so.

Megan wants to impress the basketball team captain by performing in a talent show. Chauncy and his plants Note: Soon, they are led to an Animal Rescue warehouse and find out that the creatures are episod and half-animal because their DNA was combined. When agent Britney from Totally Spies! The cards seasson out to be clues.

Slick Mick 4 times! When strange weather patterns cause an overall rise in global temperature, the Spiez investigate. In the B-story, Megan gets a crush on a tall new student named Paul, a transfer student watcy California and wants to be tall herself to have him notice her.

In the B-story, Tony wants a pet of his own. Someone uses a ray gun to change hi-tech modern things into ancient low-tech things. Meanwhile, Tami has launched her doll brand.


In the B-story, Lee has to sell juice to get a new basketball uniform not knowing he is secretly selling Mel’s juice. They hurry off to catch the Macho Man.

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She was disappointed in her birthdays, so she wants to get revenge by turning other rich children into mutants during their birthdays, and therefore have the biggest party on the block.

This is another continuity error. Brathwaite, to see if she is up to her old tricks. The Spiez must stop him before he eliminates their Mom, a real estate agent. The kids investigate a break-in at the robotics lab. The boys quickly come to Megan’s aid, freeing her, and they apologize for being such jerks. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now.

An experiment was stolen from a lab, and at the same time, children who are having 13th birthdays become mutated. Season 3, Episode 13 May 24, The All City Middle School Olympiad is about to have its yearly competition, but a week before the proceedings all the teams are attacked.

The Granny quickly defeats the Spiez and leaves to “re-live her youth”. In the B-story, Lee gets braces and likes Mia, the owner of the Techammer who also has braces.

They find that the phenomena are artificial, and have been caused by the dangerous escaped villain, the Granny. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jerry wakes up with amnesia after an accident. Trudy on Duty” [1]. In the end all six Clarks are captured, and the four kids are sent into space.

The Spiez get trapped in an erupting volcanobut escape. Embed the video The Amazing SpieZ!

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The Spiez investigate when they discover that an anthropologist acting like a caveman plans to return the world into the dinosaur age. Views Read Edit View history. Prehistoric creatures come alive.


When the kids come late home, Trudy sees them and touches a serum that makes her a spy-sassin. In the end, the affair turns out to be a setup by Jerry to have the Spiez work together again. Season 3, Episode 9 May 17, His school has always placed last in the competition, so he gets back by attacking other schools and turning his athletes aggressive so they can win.

When a few disappearances occur, the Spiez investigate. The Spiez defeat her and find and defeat the Granny. In the B-story, Tony starts to like Clover when she calls him cute. At the same time, the Spiez’s snoopy aunt comes to their house and finds Megan’s diary containing information about their missions.

The robot and Tommy go on a rampage in the city. This is the first time we see Marc’s good and bad sides.

In the B-story, Megan tries episodf act cool so she can be invited to Tami’s birthday party so she can prove to her brothers how cool she is. Also, Mel first appeared in Mission No. Use dmy dates from September A strange series of attacks on seemingly random people is investigated by the team.

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Jerry then erases her memory about her discovery before they go home. When they return home the watc are taken camping, leaving Megan behind. Add the video to your site with the embed code above. In the B-story, Megan becomes environmentally conscious and makes organic replacements for many everyday products. While spying in the room of one of the “victims”, Tony finds adventure cards that are supposedly a special edition.