C’mon, it’s already been done before. Ok here we go I agree, loved Ikuta Toma’s over the top Nakatsu and cried that he didn’t get Mizuki He said that after they showed a SHINee concert picture where his abs were shown. And lol they’re both photographers as well. I’ll have to see how she does in her next project. I realized by the end of the 64 minutes, that I had smiled through most of the show. Thanks for recapping, gummimochi!

Honestly, Min Ho is pretty awkward with females in general in real life, except some noonas. Kang Kyung Joon Supporting Cast. I hope they get their relationship figured out, so we can see them together as a couple and see how they interact like that.. Kids here know everything so early If it was shorter than 16 episodes it would be perfect, but I feel now they don’t have enough cute to last 16 episodes. She gives him a shirt haphazardly embroidered with a taeguki for good luck. And then Coach Baek snuggles up to him. In fact after this episode I like him more but not only did he confess first, but he confessed thinking JH’s a boy.

Gom September 10, at 9: Yeah, I think she appeared in a special or something. Part of my Nanba-love comes from him just being beautifully drawn I’m shallow that way but he was just so precocious, wasn’t he.

Akiddo September 23, at 8: Rovi September 18, at 7: From the looks of it in the pictures and the recaps it feels like it would be somewhat painful to watch. I just needed to replay that scene coz water dripping down his torso is just Most of her choices, heck, ALL of her choices dramacraay to involve no though process at all and she just bumbles her way through, hoping that bezutiful somehow make it usually with the help of other ppl. But before he can peer any longer, Jae-hee returns, snatching it away.


Why does SHE have to leave all she has behind to be by his side?

To the Beautiful You: Episode 12 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

I’ve seen Sulli in many weird outfits because of f x ‘s quirky stylem but she always pulls them off I hope not, but I feel like there’s still more about Miss Cardboard being grateful to Tae-joon than just words. Is it because he’s always been there? I started watching this drama without real conviction, just curious and didn’t expected a lot about it.

D But yes, much better that he besutiful sick like Gil. I though TJ has really been improving in his acting, which is all the more obvious when compared with “deadpan JH.

To the Beautiful You

So Eun-gyul succumbs to his feelings, pulling Jae-hee in for a backhug. As in, tue pulled out his aegyo guns to the kitchen staff to whip up something special. Even if she were a girlfriend. Jae-hee is busy piling food onto her plate, utterly starving. And most likely, will rewatch the prior episodes.

Was waiting for your take on the cuteness of this episode: I Like Hyun-jae, -wish he’d get more screen time though.

You could say she fed her beautiflu group pre-Electric Shock. We get TWO love confessions packed into one hour and a whole ton of cute that will make you grin from ear to ear. Keep up the good work gummi!

That girl slowly wormed her way under his skin and is not even aware of it. Krystal is too cool for that xD. Where will I ever get the dose of pure adorable that is Eun Gyeol when it ends? How dare Eun-gyul try to make him stop! Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. Jae-hee broaches the subject about how Tae-joon has decided to stay in Korea. I was able to root for her in a way I’m not able to for Sulli – It’s not that I particularly dislike Jae-hee, it’s that I’m completely apathetic.


Totally looking forward to a romance between SeungRi and Hanna. And I personally think nobody can surpass toma in portraying nakatsu. Still, I do enjoy Eun-gyul’s over-active imagination, those usually makes me laugh so hard.

I mean, I’m 34! Loved the face-washing scene. My sister made the same observation.

But she and Doc just stare back at him with a look of disbelief. As in, it didn’t. At the same time, Tae-joon watches from the car. Coach is a cutie I agree! He did know that Jae-hee was a girl. Kim Ji Won Supporting Cast.

We were speculating about the resolution of Jung-hoon’s super-camera.

He takes the rejection like a man and keeps his tone light-hearted to avoid making her feel too guilty. She’s being called “The Nation’s first love”, which getting to be called the nation’s anything is a sign of success and public endearment.

IDK if they meet somewhere else and decided it was her duty to go and make him jump again like wtf? Jae-hee drops by the hospital bearing flowers and Hanna is none too pleased by her visit.