Kajri is in her room only. The lady is astonished and asks who said that to you. Vishnu notices Yuvi and starts following him. She looks at them. Mukku Nukku will always remember this day. He tells her to stay inside unless he asks her otherwise. He replies for sure. Episode ends on his worried face.

They both go upstairs to find out why Vishnu is here. She agrees on what he is saying but not like this. She nods and he goes out of the room very carefully. Vishnu is surprised that this guy knows why he had come here. Maiyya asks them to get alta. Rathore is thinking now. Kajri peeps out of the curtain and notices Maharani approaching her room with her men. It was a misunderstanding.

She is happy that they dint have to pay anything to get Meethi this time. I have promised you in the wedding pheras that I will stay with you always…and support you.

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Akash makes sure no suspicious person tutaran around and asks Meethi to come out. All thought that I was lying…except papa looking at rathore. Welcome, Login to your account. A chant plays as Akash carefully heads towards that room. Kajri is like shagun for us. She tells Vishnu to go from here.


She discusses with her other sister if all the preparations are done or not. No one trusts me there. Akash, Meethi and Vishnu Kashyap!

She promises she wont go anywhere. He replies that she has forgot her bade papa after meeting her papa. As soon as Vishnu enters inside that guy locks the room from outside. Vishnu is surprised that this guy knows why he had come here. Akash has overheared their conversation uuttaran becomes worried.

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He sets down to find Meethi and shows her pic to passer-bys not no one has seen her. I have anyways forgotten everything. The lady replies…yes 2th it is a quiet place…just like a crematory.

Veer interrupts her that Meethi is happy…undoubtedly.

Akash asks the reason. He agrees to call her later.

She tells him that Kajri bhabhi is here only. Vishnu has those dizzying sensations again. He shows her all the money in his wallet and keeps it on the bed for her. He says yes Mukta, your mom is very worried about you. The lady is astonished and asks who said that to you.

Watdh hit two birds with one stone. Vishnu if you find a pco enroute, please stop the car then and there only. He replies not to worry.

He calls on the landline and is shocked to know that she has left. He gets worried for Meethi. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Someone is clicking their pics. If I lose you here then I wont be able to find you again however much I try to.


She nods and he goes out of utgaran room very carefully. Rathore is thinking now. Meethi tries to stop him but he pushes her too. She is in tears 201 she wants to go from here. She smiles and asks for promise. You will always stay like this na? She replies she is fine and asks about everyone else. He protests but she insists and before leaving the room, she tells him to call her if he too needs any help in dressing up.

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He is unsure if he should follow him but he knows why I have come here. Inspector reprimands him for giving info in pieces. Yuvi is happy to see his plan working.

She looks at them.