Both Breuer and Nietzsche are played by unremarkable actors of strikingly few talents. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Instead, I will refer them to the book. But Katheryn Winnick is a terrible actress, saddled here as well with a Russian accent, and she seems imposed on the film for eye candy. Overall, a huge disappointment. I’m not sure if I can take much more. Please be tolerant of other people’s opinion.

Not very different of the philosopher. To watch in Nietzsche at first seeks to run from his problem, thinking escaping to Switzerland will compensate for the pain following the rejection of marriage. The philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche gets high marks for showing us that we should be passionate about this life! This was, for me, a refreshing film portrayal. Funny how movies work Literally, it has a lot of surrealistic scenes to mess with your mind, but also the whole presentation is surreal because there are so many bizarre angles.

For look the existence with the eyes of men of a special way to discover the essence of to be.

Even Mel Gibson got that part right Oh, also it’s got some great dream scenes. Freud is essentially weept of his typical authority in this role, which is an interesting parallel given that Nietzsche strips Breuer of his authority.

This was, for me, a refreshing film portrayal. It is not for everyone. Unfortunately there is bad casting on display as well, in the female leads. TheFilmGuru 5 January In such matters, I’m not such a stickler for “accuracy” but wwhen like accuracy of feeling or idea.

Obviously writing in the spirit of Nietzsches works is not understood, so ill change my comment completely.

Don’t rent this terrible movie. Also, the Dr’s secretary suffered from a severe case of hamming it up. It distracts from what it should be about; Nietzsche and the truths he found. The character is seductive, power and Armand Assante is brilliant in his skin. The cinematography was not “brilliant” as someone here has suggested. This latter issue speaks to the fact that Nietzsche did go insane, but not because he was crazy, but due to syphilis.


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The film is uncannily seductive in its general atmosphere and quite humbling on other occasions. But don’t be fooled for it isn’t a documentary and it does retain a fair amount of drama throughout.

Whrn All Critic Reviews 1. Audience, please stay away. I may have far too much scholarly expertise in the actual historical figures, the fascinating period and my own conclusions as to the portent of these lives. I was interested in seeing how Nietzsche’s philosophy was depicted, and how the man was portrayed. So I’m thinking that the film is not meant to be a historical docudrama.

Perhaps I would not care for it if I had read a lot of Nietzsche or the book the film was based on, but I did not. When Nietzsche Wept The movie has a cast that acts in a very uniform way rare thing to see all the time, never slipping, at any moment in “overacting” as it would be expected in the treatment of such a complex theme conveying to the audience all the “madness” of the philosopher.

But, since that literary move was obviously necessary, in order to render a portrayal of the “human, all too-human” side of the man in desperate need of “help”, Nietzsche – not easy to acquire solely from year-long study of nietzscbe the entirety of his published and unpublished works – one may simply relax and rely on the philosophic axiomatic that: A morose and heavy-handed primer for psychoanalysis.


The film fails to portray her as someone who Nietzsche or Freud or anybody else would form an intellectual fascination with. I was impressed with Armand Assante’s acting a very difficult role.

Only good subject of reflection.

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The other truly superb thing about this movie, and again an area where knowing Nietzsche helps, is the basic plot where Nietzsche teaches Breuer, and likewise Freud, psychoanalysis! For look the existence with the eyes of men of a special way to discover the essence of to be.

Perhaps that’s why we saw so little of this character, I have a feeling scenes with her were cut dramatically no pun intended. Only good subject of reflection. Nieztsche was not disappointed, as I thought the movie was very fair and accurately showed Nietzsche’s philosophical mindset.

Nietzsche undergoes perhaps the more interesting study of the characters because his is the more dramatic, slipping into despair and depression after initially trying to combat the break up with ‘remedy’ from prostitution and, like I mentioned, fleeing entirely. The film is a study of a delicate mentality as expressed by those of a brilliant natural intelligence. The film is largely fictional, though many facts and actually occurring events are taken from the characters’ real lives, but are mvoie into the film for merely narrative purposes.

I cannot help but wonder if some of the negative reviews done by Psychology professionals come from the fact that this story is a depiction of the authority and power being taken from the designated ‘therapist’?