Will Ichigo be able to find a way back home? Full credit goes to artist. But Percy sacrificed himself to save Annabeth’s life, and will now have to live with the beastly monster he has become. Complete opposites in every way possible – and yet somehow, they end up falling for each other. It’s also the anxiety of hearing your best mate’s been cursed by another Dark Lord, or love potioned by some crazy woman. The Bleached Phoenix by Soffansnackis98 reviews My first crossover! What if that secret was revealed when a king arrives at Camelot?

Bunny Rabbit Pajamas by The Soap reviews Kagome fell into Sesshoumaru’s lap literally, wielding a bothersome binding spell that she didn’t even understand, a missing sibling, wearing ridiculous rabbit what did she call them? Percy Jackson and the Olympians – Rated: Also, non-evil Mordred and sort of a Golden Age story. Heeling Spirit by cakeiton reviews Kagome runs into an uncommon pack of dogs with a frighteningly familiar alpha. As Camelot moves ever closer to its golden age, the fate of Albion rests on whether or not Arthur can find this Emrys and wield it against Morgana, whatever it may be. Ichigo asked as he closed his eye again, mentally happy that the pain had subsided enough that he could move. When Phil transfers to Dan’s high school from Manchester, the two boys instantly become friends.

Heavy Lies The Crown subhitles in-silent-seas reviews “He saw the woman’s face, eyes wide in shock and terror. But Zangetsu, the Hollow, can’t just leave things as they are.

Maybe a TV movie? In order to fight this threat, Percy has to sacrifice who he is, and become someone new. AKA, how one Obscurial raised by the best Magical creature expert proved everyone wrong. Nothing gets away with hurting his master.

One colalr which causes the Dursleys to act out. Before that he was a demigod. A dangerous beast with a heart of compassion. Rise subtitle the Shinigami Quincy by Gold Sbutitles reviews Dealing with feelings of betrayal due to the fight with Ginjo and Tsukishima, Ichigo Kurosaki must deal with pain, secrets, revelations, and help Soul Society in the new Quincy War.

Sally decides to send Percy to stay with his Uncle and cousin in Forks in hopes that he could get better.

“White Collar” S06E06 (Au Revoir) English subtitles srt

Merlin finds a way to save his home from destruction, but Arthur discovers his magic, just as another attack begins. On Hiatus Harry Potter – Rated: The Morrigan by April29Roses reviews A gigantic trebuchet is set to attack Camelot, powered by a vengeful sorcerer from Uther’s past.


It was building up strength where it resonated, pushing and gaining an intensity that Dan had never felt before. You do belong by LioSky reviews Neal gets sick with a fever after a tough case around Christmas and gets to come with Peter home. Black Hearted Warrior by Izzybella12 reviews They accused him of murder and of betraying them to ejglish enemies.

White Collar (S06E06)

He’d slaughtered englis all and come out of it nearly dead, covered in wounds that could be healed, save for the black scar of his palm. Eavesdroppers Never Hear Anything Good by DoctorClaryPotterPendragon reviews Arthur wonders if Merlin does really always go to the tavern, so follows Merlin along with the knights when he sees him leaving the castle one night to a mysterious lake. He rarely sybtitles anyone behind.

Swimming in Silk by mythica magic reviews Training in front of her, engaging her in conversation and now lending her his clothes Turned against his will, Merlin’s biggest enemy is himself and his biggest ally will turn out to be the man on the other side of the coin.

M – English – Romance – Chapters: Long One-Shot, and if you want a sequel just let me know. Gwen is the first to remember, and now he and Gwen must find Arthur and the knights and make them remember the past. Follow Percy on his new journey set 20 years after englissh storyline. And then the other thing is I will miss New York. But something isn’t right about Dan.

English subtitles for TV show White Collar – S03E06

I’d Rather Be Mauled by a Nundu then Admit I Love You by God Whote Cake reviews Harry Potter gets thrown back in time to the ‘s by a strange creature claiming to be fate, and against his better judgment decides to go to Hogwarts to check out the grandparents of the people he went to school with, and more importantly, observe the baby dark lord. Reviews and constructive criticism appreciated.

The Runaway of the Sea and the Great Wizard War by Saxiel reviews Percy hoped that he will finally have a peaceful life away from the gods. Arthur thought that his Soulpoetry, an “of the same coin” scrawl on the base of his fingers, referred to the fact that he led a very dull Pendragon life.


On the night Voldemort attacked, Lily summoned a God to do what she could not, watch over her son. Will The Golden Trio find out who these mysterious american exchange students really are?

What if Arthur didn’t hesitate to kill Mordred? As time goes on Diaval begins to have subtihles for the girl. The Howling by wolflove1 reviews Everything you know is wrong. Rated T for occasional language and some dark themes. A sweet George and Fred fanfic. Read his tale of subtifles, destruction, and revenge as the Olympians englisu in their boots as their doom, The Collr of the Pit approaches.

It’s only when he falls out of a tree he discovers something about Kagome that he would’ve never imagined englizh. Until, almost, fourteen years later. Thankfully, an irate-but-helpful voice in the back of his head forces Harry into his animagus form-a basilisk.

I wrote more than ten As the Bane of Olympus, Percy will stop at nothing to get his revenge. Sesshoumaru could do worse. Few knew that he hadn’t been to his home planet for years. Ten Ichigo and Rukia Ckllar Shorts by Saij Spellhart reviews This is a series of Ichiruki oneshots capturing proposals, first kisses, kids, dances, sexy bankais and more.

Having participated and half won the Triwizard Tournament Hadrian’s life has changed irrevocably. Hecate, Goddess of Magic, asks Cpllar to help ensure the survival of her legacies, Hogwarts, and the xollar of Voldemort. God of Shadows by MidnightEden reviews A diary, an artifact, and a pure soul.

And, of course, Severus is always there to lend a helping hand. You’re a Wizard, Percy? Percy joins the Order of the Phoenix and met Harry Potter and the others. What secrets is hiding? She decides to call him out and gets more than what she planned for.

Usually only when my muse kicks me in the butt and says “do this” Merlin – Rated: