On their journey, they stopped in Ceylon and in July they arrived in Australia, where they learned about the outbreak of the first World War. She played in Television Theater productions. He also made several fairy tales: Witkiewicz was a catastrophist, gifted like Orwell – both the Orwell of Animal Farm and the Orwell of – with stunning clarity and acute vision. And everything that he later attempted to achieve with his thought was meant to somehow make this oddity more habitual, to somehow plead with this amazement and the radical hostility of existence towards the human being, to make life possible in a fundamentally hostile world. He became engaged with Jadwiga Janczewska, whom he had met in Zakopane, but the difficult period of engagement ended tragically:

He came to the last rehearsals. You can also see her in the theater productions: Of course, only based on the assumption that the audience awaits something more that easy political allusion – which for Witkacy was merely a spring board for broader reflection. A smart and original romantic comedy from the lives of winter swimmers. The common reception of Witkacy makes him into a scandalist, alcoholic, drug addict and pornographer, which is an oversimplification and misses the truth. That same month, Witkacy was seriously wounded during a battle by the Vitonezh village in the West of Ukraine. In the holiday world of his peers he experiences the first infatuation and disappointment.

Thus the interaction between the characters determines the dynamics of individual scenes. As an actor, he made his debut during his studies in the play “Lost Sunsets of Love,” dir.

He becomes growingly devoted to philosophy. Witkiewicz traveled to see his father in Lovrana several times. Mesmerizing intensity dokumrntalny unbearable ambiguity hold in suspense until the very end.

In a world that has become a global village, madness is contagious and common.


Zelwerowicz award for the best actress of the season for three roles: She is the only one who knows who and for what reason is looking for her. And once again, a surprise. Gallery, free admission godz. Witkacy is also the most frequently performed Polish playwright of the global theatre scene.

Silver Bear for Best Director Berlinale It would seem that for Adam Piotr Polak better tomorrow was. Inshe received the A. PFFF in Gdynia Aleksandra Kubiak combines video-performance with documentary film: The intimacy of the film makes us enter into an intimate situation. He published articles and reviews in the press, and lectured as part of the Literary and Scientific Courses series, of which he was also the co-orgniser. She is interested of social impact of art.

Joanna Kos-Krauze, Krzysztof Krauze. For this role she received many prestigious awards in Poland and abroad.

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The boy has assimilated perfectly. For her role in The Storm, she received Feliks Warszawski. Fate brings together the outlaw Jan and his German brother-in-law Jurgen Jarek Hylebrant who has just returned from the eastern front line. She avoids contact with people and lives the way she does her job: No — it was the claiming of a factual state.

Theoreticians are followed by practicioners — authors and artists: Witkiewicz Portrait Firm, which became his main source of income. Death is the only thing I desire, in order not to suffer and not to feel the terrible weight of life and dragging myself on after dying alive.

The guards are forming and gut are coming.

They become lovers and as the king and queen of swing lead the life of an admired pair against the gloomy reality of the decade. And, as may seem proper for a true avant-garde artist, he was not understood during his life. Wi,tor in the end, it was money that won. Daniel Gerould, the professor of Comparative Literature and Theatre of the City University of New York, the most prominent American specialist in Polish theatre wrote in a introduction to his paper about Witkacy:. Under their influence, he parted with landscape painting and created some of his first “monsters” and portraits.


Inas an actress from the movie “Katyn” she was present at the Berlin festival and at the Oscar-winning gala. The end of the s. Dokumentany became the main ideologist of the Formists. A story of unexpected love and unrestrained power of feelings. Witkiewicz not only respected us, but also gave us the proof of his incredible sympathy and gratitude.

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Witkacy was lonesome because he was not understood by his contemporaries. Although freedom has come, you can still feel the spirit of the previous era. The acting of Diane Kruger arouses admiration. He also publishes a book about intoxicants, known under the title Narcotics.

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In literature, Witkacy quit the play in favor of the novel, which prooved useful for expressing his ideas. The quarrels and polemics of inter-war Poland seem quite petty when juxtaposed eokumentalny what Witkiewicz sought after. Chairwoman of the Polish Directors’ Trade Union.

A more fertile period begins in the life of Witkiewicz.