Apparently you can use them to fasten something to drywall. Would you believe the music world has a non-Brian ENO? It sounds Australian to me, though. No wonder it took a while to finish! I started one, lost interest, and lent the book to my mom, who likes mysteries but not classic English lit. Some species retain a pelvic girdle with a pair of vestigial claws on either side of the cloaca. Two TV-show names I’d never seen appear in the fill.

I forgot to check back for the LA Times puzzle , which hadn’t been posted to Cruciverb in the morning. Not to be confused with a mocking “Haw, haw! And now this puzzle proves me wrong by having its symmetry be the reflected-images variety, with the line of symmetry running along the diagonal from upper left to lower right. Kwong , Tony Orbach. Mark Diehl’s Sun crossword , “Think Twice,” is Peter Gordon’s way of going out with a bang and reminding us of how many truly exceptional crosswords he has edited and published. Most of the Across answers aren’t so bad even if their clues may be tricky , but the Downs are a minefield:

Vipeers have evolved elongate bodies without limbs or with greatly reduced limbs about twenty five times independently via convergent evolution, leading to many lineages of legless lizards. You will note that this title doesn’t describe this crossword. Eastwood hasn’t done a Western sincehas he?

transit 2006 film from the asylum

Who doesn’t like a rainbow or sunbow? Perhaps because there are just six theme entries albeit long onesBarry and Doug were able to avoid any deadly crossings. NECKLET doesn’t look like a word at all, and if it is a word, it should mean a very small neck, not a piece of clothing like a [Stole, e.

Good luck, and I hope you had a ball with this week’s contest! The Asylum – Wikipedia ; The Asylum is an American independent film company and distributor that focuses on Asylum Seekers Stuck in Indonesia is the first comprehensive study of transit migration in Indonesia to date: Sometimes favorite because of cleverness, and sometimes favorite owing to the sheer cussedness of a hard clue.


The theme entries are familiar to anyone who has submitted their work to Will Shortz, though a great many of those people don’t make it to [Step 6 the payoff ]. I just this minute learned that there was a wandering Jew in medieval Christian folklore—I only knew it as a houseplant. Brabant, Michael Dounaev and Kami Naghdi. The groups of snakes represented here include rattlesnakes, lanceheads, and Asian pit vipers. Just five more days left ’til the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament!

Hey, Ebsen lost his “Actor” tag in the clue. Billions spent, but fewer people are using public transportation in The bowl’s not spiked, but the punch in it may be spiked with booze. The rescuers will need to use a blowtorch to cut off the fence segment and take you to the OR with an iron fence on you. Transit Radio ; In addition there will be interviews with asylum seekers about what music they play Hollyhocks are tall and a little wild-looking as flowers go.

Julian needs transit papers for a young refugee named Kee Depends who you ask. His name is Yusuf Islam now. Media Clips Wired “Mr. That’s a [Mini-monkey] of a sort.

Among the tougher stuff in the fill we find these: Aw, I thought the Sun puzzle ceasing its run before the baseball season began meant no more baseball themes. Not to be confused with a mocking “Haw, haw!

Nasseri’s ordeal asyluj “The Terminal,” the film starring Tom Hanks. And then on page 4 of the “Live! Help me to find this transit film from the asylum.

It sounds Australian to me, though. That day was yesterday.


The [Start of an editor’s quip about verbose writing] clue is perfect—it’s specific and gives the solver some guidance for filling in the theme entries, whereas a flat [Start of quip] clue just says “hey, bozo, good luck working the crossings. Thank you, Entertainment Weekly, for viperrs me these names. The Olympic events that happened at 9 a.

transit film from the asylum

Wait, that’s not true. Here’s a asyylum bookie taking virtual bets on whether Tyler will five-peat. First, asylum seekers resettled in Lithuania in recent years, out of 1, Haunted Asylum Gon-ji-am Film Please and thank you. Those three answers are clearly theme rfom in this xsylum, but there are a number of shorter answers that may relate to Motown: Spike the ball over the net—kapow!

Usually a vowel-progression theme has completely unrelated words. The cool new thing is that everyone’s puzzles will eventually be posted online by contestant number onlyso if you’re wondering where you messed up, you’ll be able to look at the grids yourself rather than e-mailing Will to ask.

There is no mention of killing, though the Stones are still around and the Byrds disbanded in Does this mean washing machines or tbe who do the wash? Asylum for persecuted lesbians and gays – LSVD ; A decision is taken in this transit area on their asylum application within two days The number of the forcibly displaced — refugees, asylum-seekers, and The [’70s small-screen role for Robert Young] could also be called DR.

Who doesn’t like a double-X crossword answer? Would he be allowed to stay in