Does this mean war? But Emilia has no intention of backing down and makes a public display of rebellion. When Shannon takes a picture of a wolfblood in wolf form, she thinks she’s seen the beast and classmates make fun of her. Rhydian’s younger brother shows up in town and Shannon gets hold of Kyle’s wolf bait — irresistible to all wolfbloods, including Maddy. Something’s gone wrong Please try again later. They join the journey to Blydissiad but are in for a shock.

Jana and Imara run into some familiar faces as they track Hartington. Wolfblood Is Thicker than Water. In the end, Jana leaves with Ceri for the wild pack. Add the video to your site with the embed code above. Aran leaves to find them, but Jana has no hope left. Eventually, Maddy turns back to normal after a series of events make her realize how she’s acting. Selina gets questioned in Wolfblood Secrets.

Maddy is on the brink of her first full blown transformation and she’s struggling to keep her powers hidden during a big test at school and when there is a school fire in the chemistry lab, with Shannon in it, she walks in to apologize to Shannon and she is about to transform, which is what happens when a wolfblood is near fire.

This page was last edited on 21 Februaryat Gerwyn and the wild pack arrive at Stoneybridge, where Rhydian explains that Alex Kincaid can keep them safe from Sweeney and the rest of Segolia.

Meanwhile, Wolbflood and crew make preparations to capture ‘the beast’ in a large box using multiple kinds of bait, while Kyle’s documentarian films the process. Maddy convinces Rhydian to try and steal their blood back, in case their secret is discovered, but it turns out to be a harder task than she thought.

So Awkward | Series 2 Episode 11 | CBBC

A Quiet Night In. The next day, the auditorium is vandalized with all of the artwork ruined, Jimi and the rest of their classmates pin it on Rhydian. Wolfblood series 4 finale!

Ollie, Rhydian’s foster brother, follows Jana and Rhydian and almost discovers the secret. Although this kiss is missing from the version shown in the US, Tom does embrace Shannon in an affectionate way. Rhydian attacks the wild wolfblood while Maddy guides everyone else to safety. Elsewhere, Rhydian takes Jana to the Smith’s house.


Maddy’s got the choice of sheak Rhydian’s family take control and cause chaos, or revealing herself to be what she is. Dark of the Rune. Jeffries and later, outside, Tom meets up with Maddy and says that Shannon believes Maddy is a werewolf, which is too close a guess than she can handle.

Aran leaves to find them, but Jana has no hope left. Rhydian’s mother Ceri returns claiming Alric has been exiled sneqk the pack, and Jana is the new leader, but with parents evening on the way Jana needs a parent and wants Ceri to do the job. The Wolfblood pack are making headlines.

Wolfblood – Season 2 Episode 11 – Best Of Both Worlds

Jeffries whom of which is sworn to secrecy by the pack. Tom gets he has a crush on the new Maddy, and is jealous of Rhydian who he thinks is dating Maddy. It’s a full moon and out-of-town beast hunter Kyle enlists Shannon and Tom to help him track down the beast of Stoneybridge. Jana and the pack ask Emilia to tread carefully now that they suspect government officials are conspiring with Hartington to chip and de-wolf wolfbloods.

Meanwhile the news of Jana’s return spreads amongst the pupils of Bradlington High, and Dacia must convince Segolia veteran Victoria of her loyalty. While the pack wrestle with the disappointment of losing their alpha, TJ falls for the smoke and mirrors of movie producer Joshua Hartington. Jana and Imara run into some familiar faces as they track Hartington. Jana comes to back to school on the full moon and causes trouble on her first day.

With Rhydian and Shannon still at odds, a meteor shower falls on a dark moon. Fall of the Wild. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wolfblood Is Thicker than Water. This is where Sweeney reveals that in fact, Kincaid is behind Cerberus and he is the enemy of the wolfbloods. Our favourite Wolfblood moments! He has a big decision to make, but will he make the right choice?

Wolfblood – A Victory To Echo Through Time

Shannon, Tom, Liam and Mr. Sign in Continue with Facebook Continue with Google. Her fate rests with Hannah, while Imara and Jana make a breakthrough in proving the conspiracy — but who can they trust? TJ falls sick with a mystery illness. Liam also goes back to the den with Jimi and Sam, unknowing to them leading to Maddy’s cellar. Rhydian and Shannon finally make up, and the pack is restored to normal. It’s a dark moon day and a school disco, and Maddy attempts to cheer Shannon up after she deleted all her evidence.


After Imara’s decision to send Matei and Emilia to Romania, she gives Jana an ultimatum to decide once and for all. When Shannon accuses Jana of stealing her laptop, containing all the wolfblood secrets, the pack threatens to tear itself apart. Rhydian’s past catches up with him and his world completely changes with a new arrival in Stoneybridge.

Maddy and Rhydian decide they can’t live with the idea of staying in the basement every time the change happens and take to the woods. Time to say goodbye. They join the journey to Blydissiad but are in for a shock. Tom and Shannon race up the stairs after them and Rhydian fabricates a lie that Maddy’s being sick.

Rhydian ends up passing out in PE, and he is taken to hospital to have a blood test.

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On iPlayer On Choose an episode. After it transpires that none of the wolfbloods have stolen anything, it’s a race to find the missing laptop before all the wolfblood secrets are revealed. Fight of the Sneaak. To help cheer Jana up, Rhydian takes her on a trip to mark an old wolfblood den suggested by Ceri.

The episode ends with Maddy and Rhydian reuniting in wolf form. A dangerous wolfblood has arrived in the city, which poses as a threat to both Segolia and humans, and she claims to want the help of Alex Kincaid.

Meanwhile, Shannon reveals to Rhydian she’s so crazy about finding the beast because one night, she saw a shadowy figure outside her tent. Maddy tries to stop Liam discovering the den, ending in disastrous consequences for the both of them.