How come they haven’t taken over ages ago? Return to Top of Page. He delivered the Wolfen everybody agreed on, yet the film was re-edited to add more conventional horror touches. Original Aspect Ratio – 1. Their search leads them to a group of Native Americans led by Edward James Olmos who tell them of a legend of a superior species that once roamed the area, but now are living and hunting in the slums of New York. The Movie, Part 2 U. What’s your nex t favori t e movie? Wilson is played by Albert Finney, who was Wadleigh’s personal choice for the role.

They purposely target a land developer, and spare Dewey when he smashes a model of the proposed Bronx development. When I think about Wolfen it always reminds me of Looker The ’70s overflowed with bogus ecological monsters taking revenge for man’s neglect and pollution of the environment. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Warner include optional English subtitles but only a trailer as an extra. In that show a savage-looking but reportedly superhuman race of aliens is camped out in the high mountains; they employ telepathic powers to communicate with a holy man, the High Lhama.

What’s your nex t favori t e movie? Surrounding him are well-defined oddballs who add both flavor and plenty of clues and revelations.

Did audiences ever take ‘nature attacks’ movies seriously? Game of Thrones 4K: Diana Venora is likable enough as his partner, though it’s hard to really imagine her falling for him the way she predictably does in the last half of the movie.

The slick technique never breaks the narrative spell. The item has a nice, natural amount of film grain evident throughout but is free of major print damage, just a few specks here and there.

May 28, at 4: I remember when Fangoria got the scoop it was coming they announced it would have a commentary with the director, Finney and I think the late Gregory Hines. But Holt is merely paying homage to his wolf brothers: Regardless, he and Rebecca start doing their thing and working the case.

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Reviews on the Savant wolfeh site revoew additional credits information and are often updated and annotated with reader input and graphics. The next morning burned out detective Dewey Wilson Albert Finney is put back on the job and charged with finding out who might have wanted the wealthy couple killed. Civil War Blu-ray Metalstorm: You can also get an instant mobile notification with our iPhone- or Android app.


This web site is not affiliated with the Blu-ray Disc Association. Perhaps as a reaction to the Heaven’s Gate debacle, Orion pulled Wadleigh from the picture after a long rough cut was thought to be lbu abstract.

First mystery is the rzy of any trace of a weapon. How come they haven’t taken over ages ago? Besides the obvious increased depth in the sound design with the Wolfens’ ability to imitate human vocalizations like baby cries truly unnervingone is also drawn to throwaway dialogue from extras, erview sound effects that enhance the environment the creeks and clangs of the morguesome of the film’s black humor the subtle thud and dialogue of the offscreen attendants in the “careful with her… head” sceneand even the vocal nuances of the performers particularly the once seemingly neutral Venora.

The next memory I equate the movie with is when I hurt my ankles swinging on the monkey bars. Apr 25, at 6: Wilson will write in his police report. Based wilfen the Whitley Strieber book of the same name, ‘s Wolfendirected by Michael Wadleigh for Orion Pictures, begins when politician, his wife, and their chauffeur are found dead, the victims of a bloody murder. Wilson focuses on Eddie Holt Edward James Olmos, young and almost unrecognizablea radical Native American recently released from prison and now working construction.

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I was pretty keen to see how the higher resolution would handle Robert Blalack’s reviea special visual effects – frequently seeing through the Wolfen ‘s eyes. Official Thread Feb 08, Apr 28, at 7: It also helps that an animal hair was found on one of these bodies.

Whenever the screen smash-cuts to another Alienvision POV, a distorted heavy whoosh sound hits gay. Director and co-writer Michael Wadleigh, making his first film since the landmark documentary Woodstockhad transformed novelist Whitley Strieber’s horror tale about super-predators into a kind of mystical science fiction.

Dewey Wilson from psychological leave because Wilson is his best investigator, and the crime is “very weird and very strange, just like you”. If Beale Street Could Talk. The aliens as well as the monks are pacifists revied no longer believe in violent human nature; the monks wait in seclusion and the aliens in hiding, presumably until humanity destroys itself, as in James Hilton’s flawed colonial fantasy Lost Horizon.


French Dolby Digital 2. There was no streaming, no home computers, no mainstream video stores. None of this fancy-dance camerawork is ostentatious. You are commenting using your Facebook account. If one had been planned, it never came to fruition.

Wolfen (Blu-ray)

One of my assignments was to clear out an overcrowded store room. Once HBO arrived, many a leisurely weekend was spent with friends catching up on what we missed. They’re impressive and scary — gay wolves really mean business. I have almost every feature film they’ve released in this series so far and none have been region locked. They were also the basis for the werewolf mythology because they could stand up on their hind legs and had a digit on their paw akin to a thumb.

June 2nd, Standard Blu-ray case Chapters 9. The Steadicam sees other uses as well, especially when Edward James Olmos strips down and does his wolf-prowl at the water’s edge; the swoooping camera moves link him to the wolves that he calls spiritual kin. Since this is reportedly exactly what Whitley Strieber’s book was about, Orion wasn’t complaining but instead decided against wholly political monsters.

There’s decent channel separation when it comes to the feview and the effects you get some nice rumble from the surrounds when that building falls earlr on in the film while the vast majority of the dialogue stays up front in the mix.

Thinking that Third World terrorists have taken revenge for van der Veer’s exploitative activities overseas, top cop Warren Dick O’Neill of The Taking of Pelham One Two Three enlists government security specialists to scour various underground organizations for clues. Deep DiscountBuy. Their DVD featured a great for the time My very first memory of Wolfen, and Looker for that matter, was when they were advertised them as coming attractions for the next month.