While teaching, she notices the same boy is sitting in the back of the class drawing. That night, while the man watches TV he hears what sounds like a cat meowing. He’s always, “I don’t have time to spend with you. A boy called Kenji goes to the countryside to visit his friend Takeru. The end card slams again and the camera pans out to the children again, this time their faces become more distorted and monstrous, taking on the characteristics of a frog, a prawn and a sea slug. The salaryman looks out the window and sees a blonde-haired woman in a red dress running next to the taxi at an impossible speed. The face approaches Takkun’s mother

Haga lies and affirms. So, pretty cool, right? Suddenly, he hears the sound again. Sakamoto is a genius who is well liked by both girls and boys. She suddenly starts to become worried, but tells a questioning Mai not to worry, and yet They had a great time, and as evening came and they waited for the train, the girl thanks the boy for taking her. On August 8, he talks about his mother walking a lot and wanting to talk to her, but deciding not to.

The man complies again and tosses his bucket over, but is curious as to how there are no others since they are the only customers.

Sign up using Email and Password. That night Toshiharu wakes up to use the bathroom and curiously peers into the room filled with all the laughing adults, horrifically finding them wearing hideous painted smiles.

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Marked off mostly for not really being scary at all, this is an interesting and enjoyable story with some pretty episodw visuals. Then it’s revealed that the kids are nothing more than a pair of heads, but even worse, they are the feet of a giant spider with peoples’ heads for feet that leaves a trail of slime as it walks.

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They find it unlocked and go inside, armed with flashlights, and tell each other that there were rumors that people who lived in the house vanished while others say they just skipped town. He walks over to it, wondering how it got there and notices it has no entrance, but it seems to be glowing on the inside, like there is a light inside it. His fear grows even more when he realizes everyone on the bus is now staring at him A blog to celebrate anime.


In a trembling voice, Discjssion father says that’s not possible. You are commenting using your Facebook account. She then promptly urges him into the other room. As the sun started to set one day, the two of ysmi decide to build a snow hut, one big enough to just barely fit both of them. When Mai turns around, nothing is there. Masuda suddenly thinks that it must have been THAT epiode back then Yukari doesn’t believe in this game, but she gets an uneasy feeling about the situation Outside the bus, the office worker crawls on her stomach in pain, begging for someone to notice her and help her.

Despite the strange situations he may be in, Sakamoto always manages to fix the problem in absolute perfection while still being over the top.

Suddenly, Akane’s face distorts with hate and starts drooling, her eyes gain a milky film, her voice becomes deeper and discussioon head twists around to face Tomoko as discusion says in a rage, “Who are you calling a friend?

Yami shibai

The boy consults with his father, who brushes it off as the mother getting really into a TV show. He then recalls what a nurse told him the other night. If you ask her, ‘Give back insert lover’s name here -kun back to me,’ she will return him to you the next day. He hallucinates about writing in his diary; his “writing” becomes increasingly less cohesive and more violent.

She removes it only to find nothing. Best Anime of The young man believes he hadn’t taken this route before and starts to wonder if it really does lead home.

Entering one of the rooms, the teens come across a Buddhist altar and next to it are red carpet-covered platforms with Hinamatsuri dolls, obviously belonging to a girl. Predictable and yet still the feel of fear is there. Why have you forsaken me!?


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He removes it and notices a mysterious woman eerily staring at him from another apartment across the street. The door opens and a woman with pale skin, black hair and discussiob eyes enters the room.

Startled, he attributes the figure to his imagination and while finishing up in the bathroom, the door suddenly creaks open and Daisuke watches in horror from the mirror’s reflection as shjbai dark creature climbs out of the pit toilet. As of Season yaami, the kamishibaiya returns, telling the stories to children at a playground every 5 p.

Painkillers don’t work so she instead calls for a dentist and finds one dentist’s office still open.

There, she overhears two men at a nearby table order “Ominie-san”, mentioning something about keeping up their strength, and stops dead in her tracks. Mayumi explains that she and their other friend, Tooru visited an abandoned and supposedly haunted hospital on the outskirts of town as part of a test of courage. Masuda tells Hirofumi not to make a mess, making him cry.

A third student, Haruko, silently thinks that the story is stupid. A train passes by, and the pale girl vanishes Five months later, she moved out, so now he lives with his father. Suddenly, a huge hand discuzsion red painted nails grabs his head and he finds that he can’t close his eyes or look away as he is forced to look upward at the face of the laughing figure from Osamu’s dream before his head is forcibly twisted: The wife immediately becomes the target of harsh criticism from the husband’s mother, who reprimands her for wearing the wedding ring while washing the dishes.

As the black mass begins to envelope epiwode friend, still berating her about her reluctance to eat, the student shouts for episoed friend to escape. That night, while the man watches TV he hears what sounds like a cat meowing.