The conflict also involves Hanomi Travel whose biggest account is Kato Chu. Kyon-kyon actually has no move at all, but intimidates her opponent by counting 1,2,3 because she looks like a ghost. He does not believe Matsuda can get Yawara to be his girlfriend, as he is only a “3rd rate reporter at a 3rd rate paper” a common insult that Shinnosuke, Sayaka, and Jigoro often hurl at him and she is destined for much greater things. Yawara’s friends buy a red dress as a college present for her, and by chance they find Sayaka buying the identical dress at the store as well; Sayaka is upset on hearing that Yawara will not attend Saikai but Mitsuba instead, calling her a “win-and-run” girl. Using the same move, she defeats Sayuri as well. Jigoro goes to a TV station with a grandiose “3-part plan” for the media debut of Yawara, but is rebuffed by the station because of his unreasonable demands; Jigoro also seems to be using the opportunity to promote his own biography as much as Yawara. Fujiko scores a quick yuko, but is thereafter in trouble as Tohdoh pins here. Nishimura ep 6 Takahashi Production ep 3 Production:

Show More Show Less. Atsuko Mine as Yuki Todo. Right afterwards, Jigoro angrily pulls off Yawara off the stage and refuses to let Yawara attend the award ceremony. Yawara waits more than one hour for Shinnosuke, who had promised to take her out to a graduation dinner, but he is a no-show. The gap between them at this point is still too great. He refuses again, telling them that he is interested in someone who will be in the Judo World Cup.

She makes up mind to quit Judo to prepare for her pregnancy, and is actually happy about it. Yawara does not believe in the story, and the reporters also long left the “interview. A funny dialogue-less sequence follows in which Fujiko spots some newspaper spreads that another passenger is reading on the train, and is ecstatic that they cover the team’s victory as well as carry some pictures and headlines of herself being “a smashing debut” at the tournament.

Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation Film Developing: How to add photo or GIF from fashionanle Paddy-field has been dumped by boyfriend 14, while Sayuri claims to have lost kg from the match. The lecherous newspaper editor Matsuda’s boss assigns an “extra” rookie photographer to Matsuda, the excitable, coarse, bespectacled, and buxom Kaga Kuniko who dresses in revealing tights.


Yawara compensates by over-drinking. Despite various unorthodox q, the two inevitably fail. Episode 14 Yawara’s date has so much surveillance! Yawara, Yuki, and Sayaka all win easily in their two preliminary matches. Matsuda meanwhile chases the man he believes to be Kojiro all over the arena and outside, finally catching up with him before being thrown; Kojiro finally talks to Matsuda this is the first time in the show he speaks and is shown on screen. I’m Going to Be in A Match!!

Jody Rockwell shows up with her equally huge fiance, a weightlifter who likes to lift people as well. Belkins, and Teleshikova vs. She thinks Shinnosuke is sweet and wonderful and has no idea about his womanizing and other lies.

On the news, it is falsely announced that Sayaka is hiring Jigoro as a coach, which surprises and saddens Yawara. Matsuda notices that Yawara has the same serious look as she shows in her match at home against Jody. Yawara asks Shinnosuke point blank episoed Kojiro is with them training Sayaka, and Shinnosuke lies to her.

Shinnosuke is too craven to cancel the engagement, which he is rehearsing mentally, as Fashiomable discusses how many expensive dresses to buy with her mother and a designer. Golden Wind 20 Kaguya-sama: Matsude finally opens Kojiro’s letter, which asks Yawara to watch out for Teleshikova’s uranage back throwbut is too late to warn Yawara, who is thrown by Teleshikova’s uranage.

Kore ga washi no yarikata Jya!!

Yawara A Fashionable Judo Girl – Episodes 1-40 (DVD, 2009, 6-Disc Set)

Yawara suspects it might be Kojiro because a persimmon seed wafer, a favorite snack of his, was left behind.

Junichi Sugawara as Yasui.

With less than 20 seconds left, Fujiko’s only chance is her new unperfected “Nutcracker” technique. Hanazono instinctively and repeatedly calls them “mother” and “father,” to which they object.

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Fujiko discloses for the first time to Jigoro that Yawara is quitting judo. Jigoro is so angry by Yawara’s revengeful display that he tries to stop the match, saying that he does not want to win a gold metal in such a shameful fashion, but is stopped by Yamashita.


Later, Yawara and Sayaka, in her 3. The pathetic judo team members are shown playing video judo games rather than practicing, and they panic when they see an overflow of students wishing to join the judo club. Jody, a fiend for training, pushes Yawara hard, which makes her fearful that she might not pass her entrance exam for Mitsuba College from lack of studying time.

Honami Ely Martin as Mr. Yawara’s Rival is the Ultimate Young Lady!! Meanwhile, as Kojiro wolfs down food, Sayaka tawara him she is willing to pay him million yen or 2—3 times that much in order to teach her how to defeat Yawara she is not interested in any gold metals and become an “Invincible judo lady. Shinnosuke is seen hooking up with another girlfriend from his regular stable Hiromi, Mayumi, Mieko, Mariko, et al.

He refuses again, telling them that he is interested in someone who will be in the Judo World Cup. He proposes that if the Mitsuba College can win its graduation match, then he will allow Yawara to work for Tsurukame. As the match continues, Teleshikova engages her relentless 11 sweeps, and Jigoro is angry that Yawara is still fighting for revenge and yawwara using her head.

She takes down another opponent with “Katsuya you jerkwad!

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Toshiko Fujita as Tamao Inokuma. Jigoro ends the farce by showing up to buy hamburgers, discovering that Yawara has a secret part-time job. That’s what Neji’s yuri manga Beauty and the Beast Girl is working with, and they more than do it justice.