I could watch Yong Pal if the drama had remained an action packed one with Tae Hyun dealing with an interesting case each week. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Retrieved August 3, I am really curious if it will be able to surpass It had some action, melodrama, romance, and a bit of humor. We got action the first few episodes then oops, forgot to deal with the romance so here comes the romance, then oops I forgot I need to focus on revenge now so here comes the revenge and so on and so forth. In this case it would not be hard at all to make the 2nd season much better than the first The conference room full of doctors file out as well.

He calls in favors but no one will help him do the surgery. Kim Tae Hee was amazing. The secretary and the security chief have exactly two days to find the real body before the funeral. Retrieved August 3, Loved this episode and loved this recap. Do Joon agrees that she may be right since everyone he ever loved abandoned him. I dont like how some think because he got her brother killed that she has to be killed also. Yeo Jin is non-responsive.

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And I remember going like “What did you just say??? Caro October 3, at 4: Living in Style Hangul: Min advance and as we know, she wanted to destroy him. Would it be realistic for TH to do his Yongpalyi work while trying to keep YJ safe, get his marriage registered, stop her from killing Chief Lee and a whole lot of things going on at the same time? However, by and large, I ypng say the drama is more realistic than what the viewers want to see. Yong-pal topic Yong-pal[2] Hangul: Like i said many times before i just have to roll with it and not dramabenas too much.


Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Miss the darmabeans floor teams.

Views Read Edit View history. Because why else did she have a picture with her? Member feedback about Highlight discography: I’ve always thought that we were headed for a happy ending.

Now, she suffered again by almost losing her life for taking the path of revenge. President Go will be in charge of the funeral preparations and the secretary will assist him. Member feedback about Kim Yong-gun: Since she saw him leave her behind in that church to bring the new mother and the preemie to Hanshin.

I actually liked that scene a lot because I got to see Sec. On the 1st floor, his quiet thoughts were on YJ.


Indeed, we may be searching on the wrong floor. Time to storm the caste…Tae Hyun and the bodyguard enter the grounds through the secret dog entrance.

It’s like half-way through the people in charge realized they didn’t need episodee put any effort into this show because people would watch whatever crap they produced. The conference was to get a 3rd doctor for the team which yielded no one.

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You’re recap is way too better. Member feedback about Park No-sik: She calls Tae Hyun and confirms the cancer.


To be honest I don’t know why Yong Pal had such crazy hype before it even aired, but I wonder if that “success” is part of what derailed it: However, he has a soft spot for the weak and helpless, and gives to them with a generous heart. There she meets On-dal Lee Jong-hyuna man who loves money and will do anything to get it. TNmS Ratings in Korean.

SS October 3, at Min gloating about things being over soon. The urge to live surrendered to acquiring everything he never had, wealth and power as a form of revenge, but he had to sacrifice something far too great, everything that was once human deep within.

Don’t dramabeeans get me started on our sinful herioine. List of medical drama television programs topic This is a list episodd medical drama television programs. I thought this should be interesting.

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Mostly for better, in my opinion. She also decided to believe in Chief Lee.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Archived from the original on November 28, It was Yong Pal who saved the day. Why did yojin said yongpal??