Firmly entrenched in south and central Morocco, Ibn Tashufin then led the Almoravid armies over the next 12 years in expeditions to the north and east; by he had conquered virtually all of Morocco and western Algeria, stopping only when he reached territory governed by a related Sanhaja tribe. Alfonso VI was denying them their rights and committing criminal offences against them. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. In the late s his reputation was at stake and being tarnished by not meeting Yusuf in battle. Please confirm or enter it below to complete your profile. Thank you Sir for bringing it to the front. Modern Language Association http: Qirat minted during his administration.

He was given a European ancestor who had converted to Islam following her capture after a battle, but later failed to persuade her daughter to revert to Christianity after the former was reunited with her earlier husband. In addition Yusuf himself personally still served in battles regularly with youthful vigour, he most likely would have assumed chief responsibility as the leading general of the Muslim army in most and perhaps all of the encounters that would have followed. Yusuf refused the designated name, stating that it was more appropriate and fitting to the Caliph in Baghdad, not himself. The tribute of the emirs bolstered the economy of the Christian kingdom, and harmed the Muslim economy. In appearance, Yusuf Ibn Tashfin may not have seemed impressive since he refused to wear royal robes and regal attire displeased him. A novel that showed the dark side of Muslims in Andalusia. Had Yusuf also lived longer, his achievements, moral and exemplary pattern, spiritual influence and progressive vision might also have been greater and perhaps, more long lasting than it had been in his entire lifetime.

Ibn Maymunthe governor of Almeria, had a fleet at his disposal.

Although Yusuf was shocked by what he saw in Muslim Spain, the poverty in some areas among other things he was prepared to overlook it for the time being. One reason for revolts by Christian States was a relaxed policy of peaceful coexistence instead of annexation, and the relative success of many Muslim uprisings now and in later generations was due to the hatred of Non Spanish Governors and leaders ruling over Arab provinces in Spain.

One forgets and leave every thing of good and modern life of that time and went to Africa which was under develop at that time. After this all of Spain with the exception of the State of Saragossa Zaragoza and the Northern areas near the borders with France was back in Muslim hands.


We have not verified that the email belongs to you. Interestingly, Yusuf had no desire, interest or inference in also annexing Christian territories outside of the domains of Alfonso VI and later El Cid such as the Kingdom of Aragonseeking alliances with them against the former or fermenting and provoking War between different Christian Kingdoms for his own gain.

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It illustrates an immaculate example of how religion can make rulers truthful and trustworthy, the administration and treasury fair, accurate and reliable in its allocation and distribution of finance and resources, their subjects happy and the societies fully developed and on par with other nations in line with what are or may be required of a responsible government.

Alfonso VI sent him troops to reinforce the King of In. He dressed modestly, occupied the same tashfih of abode as many of the most ordinary of his subjects, and lived in and amongst plain and yusuuf trouble-free surroundings. He is regarded as the co-founder of the famous Moroccan city Marrakech in Berber Murakushcorrupted to Morocco in English.

Retrieved 20 August Although Yusuf had eclipsed his cousin, his predecessors as well as his successors, he never felt he was better than anyone.

Ali Ibn Yusuf, then only Twenty-three at the time of his accession to the throne incontinued the successful trend of his father for over a decade.

Only his death saved the Cid from being forced to fight Yusuf personally.

Yousuf bin Tashfin / یوسف بن تاشفین

With the emergence of the Murabitun State in Spain, the Christians were pushed back further. Sayyid at best referred to a [Islamic] religious leader, Rodrigo Diaz never was. Yusuf, who was a trained religious scholar and one of the Ulema, was very popular with the Ulema Worldwide and his subjects across the Empire, including Spain and even those provinces not under him, began to enjoy peace and prosperity under his strong rule.

Later it became the base from which several campaigns were launched in Western Maghreb including the conquest of the Ghanaian Empire in Yusuf later incorporated all of the Maghreb to his dominion and expanded the army. Hardcovertashfon. He was given a European ancestor who had converted to Islam following her capture after a battle, but later failed to persuade her daughter to revert to Christianity after the former was reunited with her earlier husband.


His hair uysuf curly and his eyebrows met above his nose. Choose a new password: Unnecessary bloodshed for personal standing, honour or glory had no meaning or relevance to Yusuf.

The resulting losses stunned Muslim pride and demonstrated the Christians, or at least El Cid, were still a force to be reckoned with.

Newer Post Older Post Home. To resend the verification email, please enter your email address and click Submit. He led a series of triumphant military invasions in Western Maghreb, founded the Yusu of Marrakesh in and made it his capital. From Wikipedia, the free yisuf. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Despite doing so, El Cid still evaded him personally but sent troops to face him.

Despite his age, he was in his late sixties in he would participate in the battle with distinction. An eloquent detail about the reasons of the downfall of Muslims and their uprising after a yuskf turmoil. In addition there was a noticeable absence of Warhorses.

Although Yusuf now ruled Spain, his capital, mvie and seat of government remained in Morocco, but he later established a separate court in Andalusia as well. His empire was inherited by his son Ali.

Yusuf ibn Tashufin

History keeps on repeating itself. Izzah Abeer rated it it was amazing Dec 18, Another such example is the Banu Ghaniya fleet based off the Mvoie Islands that dominated the affairs of the western Mediterranean for much of the 12th century.

He came to al-Andalus with a force of 15, men, armed with javelins and daggersmost of his soldiers carrying two swords, shields, cuirass of the finest leather and animal hide, and accompanied by drummers tashfn psychological effect.